A Different Way to (Much) Better Golf
A Different Way to (Much) Better Golf
Perfect Bound Softcover
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If you score in the mid-90's, you can reduce your golf score by 8 shots in a month. The author did that at age 71. Instead of focusing on golf "mechanics", this book argues that the key to improvement is exploring your timing and balance. 

 "If you've swung a child on a playground swing you've seen what good timing is. You wouldn’t push when the swing is still coming toward you, nor would you stop it at the top of its arc, hold it, and then let it go. Instead you help the swing happen by pushing gently as the swing changes direction. Learn to help your golf “hitting system” swing that way too.

Timing is what enables a skinny 12 year old girl to hit the ball further than a 200-pound man whacking away with all his might. The man swings fully but awkwardly, disrupting his natural timing. The youngster simply helps the club-head along, using gravity and natural body dynamics to help. The girl’s muscles aren’t yet strong enough to do much else.

Good timing means swinging your entire hitting system so smoothly that momentum builds up throughout your swing. Your timing is right when you hit the ball perfectly. You use little effort, yet the ball flies far. We’ve all felt those efficient shots. On some days we hit many of them, on others, very few. The aim is to hit all balls with perfect timing all the time."

We're going to help you explore your game for yourself. Afterall you know more about y0ur own body dynamics than anyone else."

Golfer RH Clark taught "systems logic" at a majpr university. His own success, plus the intuitive logic behind the methods he used, led him to write this book. 




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