Grandma Bonnie's Cats
Grandma Bonnie's Cats
A Happy Place
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Grandma Bonnie's Cats is a true story with many emotions as she found herself fostering many kittens which she truely enjoyed and loved.  Feelings of "Denial" in "A Happy Place" came to surface.  "Grief and Loss" and "Problem Solving" is the theme of "A Sad Time" the second book and finally coming full circle to "Acceptance and Resolution" in the third book "In Love Again".  Grandma Bonnie"s Cats is a story about life and the struggles we go through. 
Grandma Bonnie lived in a very nice house on a cornor lot in the city of Lodi.  She had a very nice yard too with lots of trees and flowers.  The birds loved the bird bath that was in the corner of  the yard and they played in the water.  The birds loved to sing to the sound of the wind chimes as they tinkled in the wind.  Grandma Bonnie was very busy and she worked very hard.......

Bonnie Tweedy, MA,IMF is a Marriage Family Therapist and founder of Holt Counseling Center, A Non-Profit Organization.  She is the Mother of two sons, the Grandmother of three grandchildren and the Great Grandmother of three great grandsons.   Bonnie Tweedy works with many children and families in the threapeutic setting.  She helps children, children of divorce and foster children work through their issues by using techniques such as Play Therapy, Sand Tray Therapy and reading stories. 




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Perfect Bound Softcover
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