Santa Ponta's Journey
Santa Ponta's Journey
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Written both in Japanese and English, this colourfully illustrated storybook touches the heart of both young and old. Together with a fortune bag full of delightful characters, Santa Ponta embarks on his search to find god.

This book is ideal for bi-cultural communities / students / families, etc. It also makes a great Christmas present. The book makes you feel warm without it being particularly religious.

(The book contains 1 - 2 sentences per page, written both in Japanese and English, and illustration for every page.)

"When Santa Ponta was a child, he thought his parents were gods.

How could they not be, when they were so much bigger than him?

 So Santa Ponta went to ask them. “Are you gods?”

“What a charming thing to say, but we are not gods” they replied.

When Santa Ponta entered school, he thought his teacher was a god.

How could he not be, when he knew everything?

So Santa Ponta went to ask him. “Are you a god?”

“No Santa Ponta, you should research more” said the teacher.

The story rhythmically continues on until half way through the book, when Santa Ponta notices a change...

Author: Ayumi Meegan was born in Japan. Raised also in England, Singapore and Alaska. Currently resides in San Francsico.


Illustrator: Yoko Nishimura was born in Japan. Moved to Summerhill School (UK) in 1991. Currently lives in London.

Co-director of theatre company:


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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