My Time
My Time
Life and Times in the Twentieth Century
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My Time

Most people live their lives on a day to day basis.  Our planning calendar is booked for three to seven days in the future.  We seldom take a step back and look at recent events in perspective.

This book is intended to provide that perspective look at events that shaped the course of our lives.  Only in retrospect do we realize the changes that have occurred and influenced events of our lives.

This process might be compared to watching an “Old time silent movie”.  How strangely people dressed and acted in “those days”.  We get a sense of values and attitudes of that time.  Then we see movies made during the 1930’s.  There is a difference – in dress, in automobiles, in the telephones seen in those movies.  Customs have changed and attitudes have changed since those early silent movie days.

This book links day to day living with the evolving events that impact our lives, shape attitudes and philosophies, as individuals, as states and nations.

It has been said, “The only thing certain – is change.”

There are times when the words Growth and Change can be interchanged.  These are essential ingredents for progress to take place.  Therefore, growth, change and progress are the hallmarks of the era I have known.

My intention was to relate our day-to-day living to local, regional, natonal and international events.  Some readers will read these stories and say "Yes, I remember that" and that in turn will remind them of what they were doing at that time.  Others may read them and say, "Yes, I heard my parents or my grandparents talk about that.  Still others may read them and understand it as a personalized account of history.

If a modern day Rip van Winkle began his nap in 1930 and wakened yesterday, he might not recognize this as being the same world.  As we lived these days one at a time, we could assimilate these technological nuances.  For Rip van Winkle, it would be adjusting to another world.

Whether it is change or evolution, this world is different than the world of preceding decades.  It is important to know and appreciate history.  These days of rapid technological change will be viewed as history by coming generations.

I give thanks to God for allowing me to be a witness to these changes that have taken place in my time.

Bob Wolfe is a native Hoosier, born November 21, 1926 in Bedford, Indiana.  In the course of his working career the family relocated a number of times, living in many different parts of Indiana and short stints in Michigan and Illinois.

He writes of the cause and effect of events and their impact on lives in the Twentieth Century.  He correlates regional, national and international events with family life during these times.

My Time spans the WW I events which sowed the seeds of World War II.  Events that shaped the era; the Roaring Twenties, the Stock Market Crash, the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, WWII, Cold War, Post War and personal events; School Days, Career, Marriage, Family and  Retirement.  This is a personal perspective of this historic period.

Earlier books, "Beyond Braveheart"  was historic in nature, but genealogical in form.  "School Days, Depression Years" was a personal perspective of his school days in Columbus, Indiana which were also the years of the Great Depression.  A new book "Clara, the Little Girl From the Prairie" is about his wife, who grew up in Central Nebraska, contrasts life and events of the prairie to her adopted home in Indiana.


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