Dramatic Monologues For Actors
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Monologues by Gregory L. Hudson is a compilation of thirty-two monologues from some of his most profound stage plays, films and television pilots. The literary works that these monologues were chosen from are socially relevant, provocative and reflects the good and bad aspects of society. Each monologue is different from the next and provides a unique challenge to actors of all levels. The characters are as varied as the colors in a rainbow and can be exceptionally witty like the homeless but optimistic character Lee Willie in Vagabond Love; or outrageously funny and likeable character Bojack in No Harm, No Foul; to the down right mean female correction officer Hurt character who doesn’t feel that women garner respect in Bronx House; or the respected and deceptive racist bank manager Mr. Wallis whose main objective is to maintain the status quo of segregation in the deep south in A Piece Of My Dream. Other fun characters includes, the slick, smooth talking pastor in A Piece of My Dream (the Movie); the grimy lawyer Mr. Crooks in The Plaintiff; the lovable homeless character Abigail in Vagabond Love; the wacky, over the top judge who fancys himself as the sheriff, mayor, judge and everything else in No Harm, No Foul, to the zany, flaming gay choreographer in the T.V. pilot Buck Wild and more. The monologues are different, rich in unique dialogue and range from one to five minutes in length.
HURT: (Standing in front of KING, ROCK and STEEL in the jail cell) Well, I’m going to leave this pen for a while, but I’ll be watching all of you swine very closely. (HURT is in front of KING with her back to him) If any of you get the urge to jump me from behind, please kill me, because if you don’t . . . (HURT turns and faces KING) I’m gonna beat you down! When I’m finished with you, I’m gonna call downstairs to the medical van for transfer to the hospital, and (Crosses to STEEL) we’re gonna beat you down in the stairway. And when you get back from the hospital, guess what? You’re coming right back here and I’m gonna beat you down again. (She faces ROCK) When I go home and sleep tonight, and you come across my mind in my sleep, even if it’s three o’clock in the morning, I’m getting up, getting in my car, driving all the way back here, and beat you down some more. Now get out of my face! (They all go to their beds and she moves to the C/S) Church services are in ten minutes. Blackbirds . . . Hyenas, you go first. (Crosses to SKYLARK) You get five minutes and not a second more! (In SKYLARK’s face) No more of this BS with the Chaplin letting your gang members meet for an extra five minutes because he’s afraid of you. I want you back here in five! Sixty-Nine, you go when these pigs get back, and Reggie go when he gets back. (In SLATE’s face) Any questions? I didn’t think so. (She exits) Services in five minutes!
Gregory L. Hudson received his B.A. in Theatre and his M.F.A. in Performing Arts Management at Brooklyn College, in Brooklyn, New York and has studies theatre and the performing arts for many years. He is recognized as a successful theatre producer, director, a contemporary and classical actor and is known for his unique dialogue and clever plots as a playwright. He has written numerous plays and films of all genres. Gregory conducts writing and acting workshops, teaches, mime, voice & movement, and character development. He is also widely respected in the area copyright law. He has worked for the New York City Department of Education and has certifications (as a teacher) in performing arts-drama, speech and (as an administrator) a supervisor of performing arts, drama, speech for elementary, junior high and high school. His teaching includes playwriting, screenwriting, speech and public speaking. Gregory recently finished a new book called 48 Poems. This book contains eight different categories or genres of poems; romantic, comedic, dramatic, tragic, children, thanksgiving, Christmas and satirical. These poems demonstrate the broad range and depth of Gregory’s writing style and will be available in 2009.

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