Healing Bipolar and Depression
Healing Bipolar and Depression
My Journey to Whole Health
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This book is a must-read for those who are

affected by bipolar and depression.


“I loved your book, it was so informative. A lot of the books on this subject are written by people in the medical field and are extremely hard for the average person seeking information to understand.  Your book, however, was written as an insight to what it’s like to be on the inside of the condition, to live through, and overcome something that a lot of us just don't understand.” --- Deborah Borecki

 “Suzy lays out for us so poignantly not only her harrowing journey to health, but to faith.  We share in her sorrows and victories, and learn right along side of her the steps necessary to rebuild both mental and physical health.” --- Bill Lenhart


There is hope for those who want to be well.


Suzy Hoseus was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in the early 1980’s.  At that time, she was hospitalized and told there was no cure for her disorder. After struggling for twenty years, she is now well and symptom-free.


Suzy Hoseus shares her testimony to provide hope to those with mental illness as well as other acute and chronic degenerative diseases. The information about Whole Health (a term used to express the many dynamics of true health) is a holistic approach that addresses not only the physical and emotional aspects of health but also the spiritual, mental, and social dimensions. 


Healing Bipolar and Depression is the knowledge gained in Suzy’s intensive study and personal application of classical naturopathy and Natural Hygiene.    Each section of the book intertwines Suzy’s personal experiences and insight as to what promotes true and natural healing.  It is a roadmap for those who choose to be well. 

Author’s Note

The information included in HEALING BIPOLAR AND DEPRESSION is life-changing. I share my testimony to provide hope and encouragement to those who struggle with mental illness as well as other acute and chronic degenerative diseases. The information and education about Whole Health is meant to inspire and motivate. It is not meant as a substitute for medical advice, nor do I place myself in any position to prescribe the use of a diet as a form of treatment. I do, however, share my story of how God has led me from a life of struggle and despair to a “Journey of Whole Health.” Because there is always some risk involved when changing one’s diet and lifestyle, I assume no responsibility for any adverse effects or consequences that might result from applying the enclosed principles. Please do not apply the teachings of this book if you are not able or willing to assume responsibility for any consequences that may ensue.



I just finished a call from a woman who has lived with bipolar disorder for the past thirty years. At fi fty-seven years old, she wants to be well. I tell her how diffi cult the initial stages of my Whole Health Journey were and ask what she’d be willing to do to accomplish her goal. I know she’d need support if she chooses to get well; I recommended that the first step she should do is read my book.

In this book is knowledge I’ve gained from my own intensive study and personal application of what my husband and I have termed “Whole Health.” This is the educational gift I have received over the past eight years that keeps me steadfast in an ongoing Whole Health Journey. In discovering these truths in natural law, I am able to take a stand and move confidently forward, in spite of what others think or teach.

Th e healing process is a natural occurrence. It is human ignorance, indifference, and addiction that complicate things. When we suffer with a symptom,we become fearful, think we need to see a professional, take some kind of miracle drug, or label a process as some type of disease. We’re conditioned to respond this way, when true healing is a gift from God and reached via the components of health. We’ve become so impressed by expert opinion that we have lost touch with the innate intelligence God has established within us that enables us to heal.

It is important that we are able to hear and respond to our body’s true needs. When we’re tired, we need to rest rather than stimulate. When we’re hungry, we need to satisfy the cravings with nutrient-rich foods rather than succumb to the Standard American Diet. There’s nothing so profound in what I share.


Why is it so difficult for people to make better choices? I was, like many Americans, ignorant, indiff erent and addicted to stimulants in many forms. I hadn’t a clue what my savored cereal and milk in the morning were doing to me, nor did I care. I satisfied my acidic taste buds, lived for the day, and became very, very sick.

This book is for those who are truly interested in surrendering themselves to God’s authority, making changes, and taking responsibility for their health. I was able to turn away from my destructive ways because a most loving and just God called me to “Whole Health.”

The process of regeneration is very slow, but when it is embraced as an arduous adventure and a step of faith, it provides a time to learn to trust God. For many, it can be likened to climbing a mountain with crevices and cliff s. There were times when I was barely hanging on. It was then when I clung to the enclosed principles, I prayed, and I believed, like the little engine that knew he could. As an ongoing student and practitioner of Whole Health, I recognize amidst Goliath-like adversaries that indeed I am a little engine that could!

Suzy Hoseus has been married to Michael since 1987 and is a homeschool mother of three.  Both Suzy and Michael are trained in Whole Health and compliment each other in their various studies of massage, counseling, and problem solving.


For years, Suzy felt called into advocacy for the mentally ill.  She graduated from the University of Kentucky in 1997 with a determination to be an effective communicator and advocate.  Her first role as an advocate was her position as the president of the Bluegrass Alliance for the Mentally Ill in Lexington, Kentucky in 1998.


In 2000, she began her Journey to Whole Health by studying a course developed by Dr. Joel Robbins through the College of Natural Health.  This education was the missing piece to her ongoing quest to be well.  Suzy and Michael graduated from Dr. Joel Robbins’ program in 2002 after they completed their internship in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Michael and Suzy continued their education by traveling to Shelby, North Carolina in 2001 and became certified Health Ministers through Hallelujah Acres.  Later that year, Suzy attended the Lexington Healing Arts Academy and became certified in therapeutic massage.  Michael attended Asbury Seminary College and graduated with a Master’s Degree in Counseling in 2005.


The Hoseus' have a vision to see people well through a vehicle that is called Life Learning Ministries.   Life Learning Ministries provides hope, education, and services to those who struggle with major mental illness.




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