Beyond the Heavens
Beyond the Heavens
A Story of Contact
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Maurizio Cavallo's book reveals a secret so powerful in its transformative potential, that national security agencies around the world have been vigorously suppressing it for over fifty years. Human looking extraterrestrials are visiting and living among us; and come with a message of individual empowerment, global peace and social upliftment. This book takes you through an Italian contactee's astonishing journey where he experienced a truth that transformed his personal world. A similar experience lies on the road ahead for all those willing to experience contact with human looking visitors from other worlds who can help transform our lives and our planet.


Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

Author, Exopolitics: Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence (2004)


Beyond the Heavens is an unearthly experience and a realization that we have human looking aliens quite like us living and working on Earth. It is their intention says Maurizio to raise the “ vibration” of this humanity, aid us in the coming Earth changes and most of all to offer us hope that we will find our true destiny in the stars.


 Paola Harris

  Journalist/ Researcher

 Author, Connecting the Dots: Making Sense of the UFO Phenomena

 Exopolitics: How Does One Speak to a Ball Of Light


To express Maurizio Cavallo’s-Jhlos works of serene beauty we should have, as he has, the gift of silence and his same lightly sensual sense of the sacred.

Journalist and philosopher, painter, sculptor and musician, Maurizio Cavallo met inhabitants of a planet in the third galaxy distant from Earth, about 150,000 light years away.

 Michel Gay

 Art critic, Chairman of the Peintres en Provence Association

 Author of  several historic research books for which he was granted 

the French Legion of Honor.

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In 1959 in Sicily, at the age of 7, Maurizio Cavallo had his first contact experience, immediately erased from his consciousness. He will re-live that event on the night between 12 and 13th September 1981, during the traumatic facts of his abduction by extraterrestrial visitors from Planet Clarion.


Through neural holograms Maurizio Cavallo will see and remember his own childhood. By a similar process, during a dreaming lethargy state, he comes to know extraordinary notions about cosmos, bio-genetic, astral biology and visits, through time nets, past and possible future of human kind and the same home planet  of his visitors, a world 150000 light years distant from Earth.


Maurizio Cavallo actually lives in Vercelli, he is a journalist, official speaker at many international congresses (Lyon, Cattolica, Marseille etc..), teacher at the popular university of his town, member of many research Institutes (National Archaeological Institute of Bolivia, Peintres en Provence Association etc…) and of Centre for Philosophic Researches Clarion of which he is founder and president.


As a consequence of his personal experiences, culminated in his abduction, he became interested in space archaeology, ethnology and esoteric philosophy.


His poems and his psycho-paintings have obtained good critics and are published mainly in Spanish and French speaking countries.


His versatile personality brought Maurizio Cavallo, art name Jhlos, to compose musical operas of great intensity (his best known compositions are in CDs Ahzland and Gilgamesh’ dream).


He was invited at many television programmes in Italy and abroad, on public and commercial networks, he was also invited to present his paintings and sculptures in Venice, Paris, Turin, Arles, Como, Toulon, Barcelona and Lugano.





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