Only a Loser Knows How to Win!
Only a Loser Knows How to Win!
Life's Little Handbook
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Reading this book is for you whether your on your way to greater things, or filing for bankruptcy. It will help you start living your life not just existing in it.  

May my learning, watching and experiences teach you how to be the person you always wanted to be but were afraid to become.

Wake up!

 Wake up it’s time, it’s half past the time, late is the hour   that you have missed so much. Now wake up, catch up, and get your life, dreams, ideals, health, and career started. It’s never ever too late if you wake up and pay attention.

There is never a right time to do whatever it is you want to do or be all you can be. For some reason people will make excuse after excuse for not doing things, not getting into business for themselves, not being nice to someone, not saying sorry. In the employment area there’s excuses for coming in late to work, or not showing up for work, not wanting to work. I’ve heard and done myself just about every excuse in the world. Here’s some. I can’t get started with a new job, whose going to watch my kids? What if my kid gets sick I can’t go to work or start my new career, I don’t have time to be nice, it’s not the right time for me to do what I want to do, I’ve got issues right now. Listen understand this

                 Timing is not always everything

                 Waking up and Getting started is!


              Believe all you want to Believe


I know what your thinking, how can I, I’m broke, hurt and maybe worse.

It’s time to understand this. You have an entire life to live, for some it might not start until 50 for others it’s 25. So are you going to let something or anything stand in the way of your entire life? I hope not. Now let’s move on to  your dreams & goals! Start again and again until you are where you want to be. There’s no getting around yourself, you must realize that there are no short cuts. Oh you can shorten some things like, organizing, or instead of working 11 hours a day maybe 9 will do. Remember this is your beginning. Each time you start over it’s the beginning again. It may seem like an impossible feat, but it’s not, not if you don’t want it to be.

Once you’re where you want to be I guarantee you if you’ve made you’re dreams come true, you will look to other adventures, dreams and many many other possibilities that life has to show you.    


I firmly believe in life, that the things you’ve done wrong, or morally wrong, you’ll have to correct while you’re in this life, and if you do you’ll be rewarded again and again while you walk the earth. However if you still persist to do wrong doing’s then your mile will last a life time and beyond!



As you believe so shall it be done!

Lisa Payne-Born 1962 in the early years grew up in Manville N.J then moving with her family to Hillsborough N.J. Lisa has a great Love of Books. Reading occupied a great deal of her time . Writing poems and short stories through out her life has bought her to this stage of actually publishing some of her work.  

Lisa has 2 children Sandra Marie, Michael Adam, and  1 grandchild Jolan Michael.

Lisa loves reading,writing, dancing, horseback riding,family, friends and all   lifes little  adventures.

Currently Lisa and her husband Dave Griswold own and operate U R Home Realty.

Lisa has owned several business' in the past and has already started on her 2nd book , in addition she and Dave are looking to expand their Real Estate Company

At long last Lisa's dreams of finding the perfect Love, the Greatest career. And becoming the writer she always wanted to has come true.

It's my greatest hope that my books will move you into Life and all it's many wonders it has to offer.





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