A First Hand Account of Discrimination in Civil Service (1997-2007)
A First Hand Account of Discrimination in Civil Service (1997-2007)
Glass Ceilings for the disabled in Federal Civil Service
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My book is a diary about the steel-reinforced concrete roadblocks put in my path, and the paths of others, to prevent me (us) from making a career of Air Force Civil Service because I (we) became disabled on the job. It also shows the problems laden upon disabled employees as time progresses. I did everything in my power to overcome these obstacles but lack-of-knowledge, on the part of people called specialists at our civilian personnel office, basically nailed my feet to the ground at the opening of every single door.

Three problems with Civil Service

1.       The Training Problem

Monday, November 03, 1997


My resume is accurate. I have worked on VHF, ADF, UHF, GPS, Radar, HF, TACAN, IFF, KY equipment, the KIT1C. I have worked these pieces of equipment when configured for C-141, C-5, and C-17 aircraft. However, I have no experience with AFIN equipment.  I have no formal education and/or on the job training with INS, Auto-pilot, FSAS, or cock-pit voice/data recording systems (flight-line or shop).

            I hereby request that I be given formal education and on the job training, concerning this equipment. This education and training will enable me to completely perform the job that I was hired to do.

            I have accepted your request to move to dayshift until my training (including formal education) was completed. I have remained on dayshift for four months awaiting formal training. I have received no formal training at all, in the AFIN career field.

            I have ventured up my chain of command to Colonel Sparks, our logistics commander. He has assured me that no formal avionics training has been planned for Altus AFB at all. "I have 1.3 million dollars budgeted for training, here at Altus, over the next 3 years. I have every intention of training my most essential career fields first. They are - engines, hydraulics, and electrics”, said Colonel Sparks.


Tuesday, January 27, 1998


æ½¼ - Mr. Greenwood asked me to meet him at lunch to go over my 90 day initial evaluation, over 120 days after I’d been hired. I said, sure.


?@Noæ½¼ - Met with Mr. Greenwood to discuss my 90-day evaluation, Mr. Richter was present. I got fours and fives out of possible nines, which I hear is about average. I asked him about a trainer, riding the truck, and the KY batteries. He said, "We told you to begin with that we do a kind of self training thing here.", "You are getting better about your wandering", and "I haven't heard anything about the batteries." hanswers are mentioned in the same order as the question, from left to right. I still don't understand the self-training stuff. I've never read about it anywhere before, I can't find anyone else who knows. At any rate I re-emphasized the fact that I needed more training in the AFIN department. I just find it absolutely amazing that I worked on comm/nav equipment in the backshop never stepping foot on a C-141 or C-5 before. Now, all of a sudden they put me on these aircra

I'm 6' 6" tall, 270 lbs, a little on the muscular side. I have grayish/dirty blonde hair, deep blue eyes, a mustache and beard.

I lost my job (retired) in the Air Force reserves in 2003 and Federal Civil Service in 2006 because of a workplace injury sustained at Altus AFB, OK.

I've worked as a data switching networks manager, system administrator, system engineer in charge of network/computer security, avionics sensor system specialist, licensed practical nurse, secure communications specialist, a communications/navigations specialist, chopped wood, book store clerk, appliance repairman/salesman, ice cream truck salesman, and general handyman.

Currently, I’m stuck at home editing and trying to get my diary published because I firmly believe that it might stoke some fires and help others. This is my first book and I hope that it does great things for me and for others.


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