Life Cycles
Life Cycles
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'Life Cycles' is a ground-breaking new theory on what life is all about. It is both controversial and evidence-based and states that we live our lives in symbolically repeatable twelve year cycles. There are two important years in the cycle and this is where we see fate take a hand in unusual ways.

Designed to entertain and inform; details from the public record are used to dissect the lives of world leaders, showbiz personalities, criminals and ordinary citizens. You will learn about your life's symbolic meaning and be introduced to a whole  range of new terms and icons.

You won't read anything quite as original and intriguing and you will never look at your life the same way again. Is it just fanciful or does it represent the most important adddition to esoteric knowledge for thousands of years?

But what's this! There's the sound of an engine warming up and there you are on a platform beside your own private train, pulled up at Revolution Place and they're telling you to get aboard.......



How could there still be a stone unturned in the quest to understand your life's purpose? So many well entrenched systems already exist and some have done so for thousands of years. Still we are all inquisitive creatures by nature and I aim to feed your voracious appeptite and stoke the ever burning furnace of controversy by introducing you to Life Cycles.

Let's face it, we all openly or secretly love topics to do with self analysis.You might dismiss astrology as unscientific nonsense, but I'll bet you love to sneak a look at an article all about your own sign's expected good fortune for the coming 12 months. It is pretty much the same for less high profile systems such as numerology, palmistry or even graphology, which reads character from handwriting. There:- "Now you know your life number is one and that makes you a leader and an organiser". I'll bet your chest swells at the mention of such comforting rhetoric.

And don't think psychology is immune from this disease. When I ran management training courses, which included a rating on the Myers-Briggs questionnaire, I would suddenly get all sorts of straight up and down executives basking in the glow of being an ENTJ and then trying to guess what someone else was, It's the stuff of eureka moments:- "Well if that doesn't explain it all!"

Surely upon this crowded stage there cannot enter another player? Haven't we been categorised to death? How much more can I say about a Libran, born in the year of the Rooster, with a numerology number of five and Myers-Briggs typology of ISTF and an under-scored signature and a short lifeline and literally, and I mean literally,hundreds of other tags. What could possibly be new under the sun?

Well, and note this is a very bold promise, once you've read Life Cycles I guarantee you'll look at your life and the lives of others differently. Yes, to all the jaded palates out there, I give you something new.


Neil Killion is a psychologist who has spent the majority of his career in a commercial environment, as a management consultant. He founded the Australian office of a leading UK Outplacement and Career Advisory firm on a franchise basis in 1988. This became one of only a handful of recognised specialist outplacement companies, working for a wide variety of high-profile organisations.

During this period he interviewed and counselled thousands of people from many different career paths. It was his training in psychology and his natural inquisitiveness, that saw him make some key observations and over many years turn this into a personal crusade to uncover a brand new esoteric approach to life analysis. After commencing  retirement at age 55, he felt that the mission to complete a manuscript covering his theory 'Life Cycles' was revealed to him.

He has written journal articles such as "Why Companies Sack Their Most Talented" and a 30 page booklet on Career Planning, but this is his first book. He has a Psychology degree from Sydney University and is married with two sons, living in a beachside suburb of Sydney.  




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