Bullmina the Courageous Bulldog to the Rescue
Bullmina the Courageous Bulldog to the Rescue
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When Lady Evelyn Waverly opens a "no-kill" shelter to rehabilitate the dogs she and her friends rescue from London's illegal dogfight pits, she jeopardizes more than just her marriage to the Duke of Chathamworthshire. Gripping and provocative, the sequel to the award-nominated Bullmina the Courageous Bulldog probes deeper into the lives of LIta Eitner-England's beloved characters. In 1836, Lisette St. Germaine begins a new life at Chathamworthshire, infuriating the Duchess' arrogant niece, Beatrice Stewart. Illiterate Matthew Connors, agonizing over the future of his orphaned siblings, joins the Waverlys' staff as an apprentice dog trainer after a heated confrontation with the Neemy Brothers, further fueling Beatrice's resentment. Trevor Sheffield, one of the Duke's most promising young trainers, thinks the Duchess has gone too far when she rescues Bullmina's former rival, the undefeated Pit Bull, Cassius. Brooding and doubtful, Trevor finds himself at odds with his mentor, head trainer Andrew Cameron, when he is ordered to supervises the re-training of the incorrigible Cassius.

Chaos soon erupts at the estate, endangering the lives of the Duke's most prized Bulldogs. Because of Bullmina's courage, Lisette, Beatrice and Matthew's destinies are changed forever, and they discover that they have more in common with each other than they ever imagined. The rescuers become the rescued when strength and forgiveness come from the most unlikely sources. Envy, resentment and guilt give way to redemption and a new sense of purpose - all inspired by one aging, red brindle Bulldog and her unforgettable legacy.

Every chapter is beautifully illustrated by Leslie Hoops-Wallace, and the book includes real-life rescue stories, photos, and interviews.

"But doesn't Lady Evelyn know that HE was the one, Mr. Andrew?" asked Trevor with a tinge of resentment in his voice. "The one who was supposed to fight Bull-" "She knows, lad," Andrew immediately cut him off, "'n it wouldn't make a difference even if she didn't. 'E's 'ere ta stay now." "But has he bitten anyone?" "Ay, a time or two." "We shouldn't tolerate that kind of aggressiveness here, sir," warned Trevor. "If he's bitten before, he'll bite again." "Ay, that's possible. So we'll just 'ave ta watch 'im real close." Trevor shook his head. "Obviously they refused to keep him over there at Lady Martha's. What makes you think we'll have any better luck here?" "Watch your tone, lad. It ain't a matter o' luck, 'n I know it's gonna take a long time ta socialize 'im with the others -" "If that's even possible." "But maybe we can 'elp 'im, Trev, just like 'er Ladyship wants," said Matthew, trying to counter Trevor's pessimism. "Why didn't Lady Martha just have her trainers put him down over there?" asked Trevor. "Surely she must have realized -" "Lady Martha wanted 'er Ladyship ta make the call," said Andrew, continuing to inspect the links in one of the chains. Trevor heaved an angry, exasperated sigh and stared down at the dirt floor. He knew he wasn't running the show here, but he still wanted to try and exert some influence. "Don't we have any say in this at all, Mr. Andrew?" "No, lad, we don't." "Why won't she trust us? We're in a better position to assess each dog and make a decision, sir. When I worked at the Neemy Brothers' kennels, there were a few dogs I couldn't save. They were too sick or too injured, and I had to put them down. It was for the -" "This is completely different, Trevor!" said Andrew, raising his voice. "'E's perfectly 'ealthy. A lit'le scarred up, but just fine. We'll re-evaluate 'is temperament ourselves before we do anything else." "Could we 'elp 'im if we worked with 'im 'round the clock, Mr. Andrew?" asked Matthew encouragingly. Andrew's chest rosed as inhaled deeply. "I like yer attitude, Matty. If we can spare the trainers, we certainly will work with 'im 'round the clock." Then he turned to Trevor again. "Lady Martha said all o' McCreath's dogs were clean 'n 'ealthy, so puttin' 'im down is outta the question - even if 'e is a man-biter. Besides, we don't make the rules 'round 'ere regardin' who we keep 'n who we don't. If 'er Ladyship wants us ta try 'n rehabilitate 'im, then that's exactly what we're gonna do, regardless of 'is past." "I don't agree with this at all," said Trevor, looking directly into Andrew's eyes.

Lita Eitner-England loves English Bulldogs, and when she couldn't find a good story about Bulldogs for her then nine-year-old daughter, she decided to write one herself. Her first book, Bullmina the Courageous Bulldog, was a finalist for the 2004 ASPCA Henry Bergh Children's Book Award for Young Adult Fiction. The book chronicles Bullmina's turbulent early years in the 1830's, when she was abandoned on the outskirts of London, then rescued, only to be stolen and forced to fight in the illegal dogfight pits.

Because of the first book's success, Lita Eitner-England started The Bullmina Foundation in 2005 to support animal rescue organizations, promote children's literacy programs, and teach responsible dog ownership. Inspired by her own Bulldog, Tiffy, Ms. Eitner-England's writing reflects the joys of owning Bulldogs as well as some of the very real health problems they face from irresponsible breeding and owner neglect. Ms. Eitner-England is an advocate of animal rescue and adoption, and she also participates in Visiting Author programs at local schools in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Proceeds from book sales are being donated to animal rescue organizations around the country. For more information about the foundation, please visit www.bullmina.com.


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