The Four Seasons of Venice - 12 Historical Walking Tours
The Four Seasons of Venice - 12 Historical Walking Tours
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Venice is a resplendent city of a thousand islands in the middle of a lagoon, which has an elegant and eventful history. Her geographical location and the political and commercial shrewdness of her former rulers, together with the spirit of her citizens once made her the mistress of the seas and master of a great empire.

This journal is intended to provide helpful, descriptive and enjoyable routes to explore, as well as providing many interesting historical and architectural facts throughout its passage.

As an artist the author has painted a journalistic picture of Venice by visiting the 'Serenissima' each month over the course of a year to enjoy the islands and understand the Venetians themselves, who have battled through centuries of evolution, toil and achievement.

Throughout each interesting tour John has recorded many scenes in pen and ink water colour sketches, which he feels will bring the beauty and history of the Venetian islands to both the armchair reader as well as those who explore the Serenissima.




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Chapter 1    SEPTEMBER  -   Let the Journal Begin        'Crossing the Sestieri's by Land & Water'

Chapter 2    OCTOBER  -  Treasures of the Grand Canal 'This Passage of Water Frozen in Time'

Chapter 3    NOVEMBER  - Cannaregio    'The Unspoilt Sestieri'

Chapter 4    DECEMBER  -  Santa Croce & San Polo  'Neighbours of Change and Tragedy'

Chapter 5   JANUARY - Piazza San Marco 'From the Malamocco rises the Citadel'

Chapter 6   FEBRUARY - The Eastern District 'From the Age of Decadence to the Age of War'

Chapter 7   MARCH - Murano, Burano & Torcello 'In Search of the Northern Archipelago' 

Chapter 8   APRIL - The Southern Islands ' Time & Tide in Competition with the Lagoon'

Chapter 9   MAY - Dorsoduro 'Piety, Enmity, Dexterity and the Plague'

Chapter 10  JUNE - San Marco 'Merchants, Music & Revolution'

Chapter 11  JULY - Castello 'Home to the Pantheon of Venice'

Chapter 12  AUGUST - Further East 'Seclusion & Solitude Energized by Art'





John Costella was born in London and is a third generation Italian who has painted in watercolours, oils and acrylics for many years, and now brings together his artistic skills with his passion for writing.

As an author John enjoys combining pen & ink watercolour sketches to enhance each manuscript, as he believes that one picture can speak a thousand words.  This helps to keep his manuscripts under 500 pages!

John spends a great deal of his creative time in both Venice and London, researching material for new writing projects and studio assignments. He is currently researching a new book which will focus on the Thames Path in London, this will take the reader (and walker) along both the Northbank and Southbank between Battersea Bridge and Tower Bridge. Like Venice London also offers a great deal of history and beauty.   

Conservation, restoration and maintenance of the treasures of Venice are always on John's mind and he fully understands just how mammoth the task is. He would dearly love to work with art restorers but understands his limitations, having said that, he is continually looking for ideas which contribute in some way. One particular body is the Venice in Peril Fund which he continually promotes.



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