The Manual of Medicine and Horsemanship
The Manual of Medicine and Horsemanship
Transforming the Doctor-Patient Relationship with Equine-Assisted Learning
Perfect Bound Softcover
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NEW for 2016! Version 3 of the companion materials to the Manual of Medicine and Horsemanship, previously distributed on CD, is now available on a FLASH DRIVE. See details below.

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What has become of the doctor-patient relationship in the era of managed care and Internet prescribing? How does the electronic health record affect clinician-patient communication? Medicine and Horsemanship is a Stanford University-based student elective and Continuing Medical Education course that employs horses to teach non-verbal communication and other interpersonal skills for the clinician-patient relationship and all professional interactions.

Now with the Manual of Medicine and Horsemanship-Transforming the Doctor-Patient Relationship with Equine-Assisted Learning, anyone with an EAL, EAP, EGE, or EFEL practice can conduct Medicine and Horsemanship.

You will learn the practical and philosophical principles of teaching good bedside manner. You will get detailed, step-by-step exercises needed to conduct equine-assisted learning programs for medical students and healthcare professionals.

New for 2016: Included in the purchase price is a flash drive with Version 3 of lesson plans, handouts, promotional photos and videos, administrative forms, and a PowerPoint presentation suitable for Grand Rounds. The flash drive is shipped to you when you fill in the order form on page 83 of the Manual or e-mail me with confirmation of purchase at Purchase also includes a 1/2-hour consultation with the author to assist you in establishing Medicine and Horsemanship at a medical center near you. Call for appointment.

The Manual of Medicine and Horsemanship Table of Contents

1 History and Background
1.1 History
1.2 Overview of the Field
        1.2.1. Natural Horsemanship
        1.2.2. Experiential Education
        1.2.3. An Idea Whose Time Has Come
1.3 Equine Assisted Therapies
        1.3.1. Hippotherapy
        1.3.2. Therapeutic Riding
        1.3.3. Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy
        1.3.4. Equine-Assisted Learning and Coaching
        1.3.5. The EAGALA Model

2 The Philosophy of Medicine and Horsemanship
2.1 Founding Principles
2.2 Course Objectives
2.3 Meta-Level Philosophical Considerations
        2.3.1. Mindfulness and Meaningful Work-Right Livelihood
        2.3.2. Horse-Human Kismet
        2.3.3. Equestrian Use of Open Space and Public Lands

3 The Psychology of Medicine and Horsemanship
3.1 Introversion and Extraversion
3.2 Projection, Introjection, Re-Collection, Transference, and Countertransference
3.3 Group Dynamics
        3.3.1. Introverts and Extraverts in Experiential Learning
        3.3.2. Circles
        3.3.3. Processing and Group Discussion-The Role of Questions
        3.3.4. "There's one in every crowd."

4 Getting Started
4.1 Training Yourself
4.2 Selecting and Training your Humans-Guidelines for EAL Facilitators
4.3 Selecting and Training Your Horses
4.4 Selecting a Ranch
4.5 Establishing Yourself With Medical Professionals
        4.5.1. Academic Medical Center with Medical School and Residency Program
        4.5.2. Community Hospitals and Freestanding Clinics
        4.5.3. Individual Health Care Practitioners

5 Activities and Scheduling
5.1 Didactic and Classroom Activities
5.2 Horse Activities - Introduction
5.3 Horse Activities – Section Guide
        5.3.1. Activity Type
        5.3.2. Set Up
        5.3.3. Objective
        5.3.4. Purpose
        5.3.5. Metaphor
        5.3.6. Procedure
        5.3.7. Rules, Violations, and Consequences
        5.3.8. Observations
        5.3.9. Questions
        5.3.10. Discussion
5.4 Horse Activities
Fourteen equine-experiential learning exercises to use with medical students and healthcare professionals.

6 Administrative Issues
6.1 Academic Credit
6.2 Continuing Education
6.3 Outcomes and Metrics
6.4 Insurance and Release Forms
        6.4.1. Personal Insurance
        6.4.2. Ranch Insurance
        6.4.3. Insurance and Release from the Medical Center
        6.4.4. Photographic Releases
6.5 Institutional Review Boards
6.6 Financial Considerations
6.7 Public Relations and Press Coverage

  Appendix A – Arapaho's Story
  Appendix B – Principles of Experiential Education
  Appendix C – Determining Your Eligibility for ACCME Accreditation
  Appendix D – Checklist for Getting Started

7 Resources
7.1 Equine Learning and Therapy Resources
7.2 Riding Resources

  General Communication and Doctor-Patient Relationship References
  General Psychology and Psychospirituality References
  Experiential Learning References
  Equine Experiential Learning and Animal Communication References
  Natural Horsemanship References

Personal Assistance with Your Program
Dr. Kane is available to consult by phone and on site to advise and encourage you, co-chair meetings, and co-facilitate your pilot session. A half-hour consultation is included with the purchase of this Manual.

Flash Drive Contents
  1. Monographs, Handouts, and Presentations
  2. Sample Schedules
  3. Mass Media Publicity
  4. Photos and Graphic Designs
  5. Release and Feedback Forms

Beverley Kane, MD, is a licensed California physician with 30 years' experience in psychological counseling, group dynamics, and doctor-patient communication. Originally Board Certified in Family Medicine, Dr. Kane went from clinical practice to medical informatics, where she pioneered work in doctor-patient communication over electronic mail and between the physician's electronic medical record and the patient's personal health record. She is currently Adjunct Clinical Faculty at Stanford School of Medicine in Palo Alto, CA and Program Director of Medicine and Horsemanship. Her private practice, Horsensei Equine-Assisted Learning and THerapy (HEALTH), conducts communication workshops for healthcare, corporate, and community groups. Dr. Kane is an avid horsewoman and endurance riding enthusiast.

Please visit us at Horsensei Equine-Assisted Learning and Therapy


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