A Lifetime of Treasures
A Lifetime of Treasures
Unlocking the Keys of Life Through Poetry
Perfect Bound Softcover
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A Lifetime of Treasures

Unlocking the Keys of Life through Poetry

Written by Mary & Bryan J. Battle, Sr.
& Bryan Battle, Jr.


Our publishing goal is to spread the wisdom of one family’s journey through life. Our family has taken on the daunting task of discovering our past, writing through the present, and looking into our future through poetic thought. We write down our feelings and experiences in the most simplistic form known to man, poetry.


Poetry breathes past the pages of slavery.

Poetry writes through the hurt and pain.

Poetry is a key to survival as a people.

Poetry is not equal.


Poetry does not rest.

Poetry is a treasure chest.

We share our history with all humankind.

The rich, the poor, the divine 9.


Poetry is divided by greed.

Poetry can be a good or a bad seed.


Our history is rich in diversity.
Our history unlocks the key to be free.


By writing down our experiences of life in the form of poetry and other various media outlets, we will effectively reach the targeted audience, every reader. We have narrowed our writings down to a compilation of poetry and spoken word through the life of a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, monotheistic family.  As we research and trace our heritage and racial makeup, we learn more about life and how we connect to those we love and cherish.


We desire that our compilations of life in written format will somehow inspire others in the family to carry the torch as we hand it off.  As the demand for our literary works increase, we will supply more books, and continue the literary legacy that was long bestowed on our family.  We pick up the pen and here is where we begin.




The Faithful Servant


Time is the enemy of us all.

It shall wait for no man, short or tall.


The faithful servant repeated these words.

He knew that the enemy seeks to devour.

He knew it was the final hour.


He looked to God to bring him some help.

He required assistance from the Man in the sky.


He trusted God to bring him out of the mess.
His faith brought us out.
This we must confess!


His faith leads us not into temptation.

His faith delivered us from the evil one!


His faith brought us into the land to stay.

Man has gone astray.


Nevertheless, the faithful servants have remained.

God gave them a new name!


Your name shall no longer be X.

X is the unknown factor.


The Y and the X shall meet again.

They shall meet each other at the Oracle of life.


The faithful leader understandood the X factor.

The mystery of God is not meant for man.


It is a mystery why we are still here!

By and by, we are always near.

And as sure as day follows day,

It will become quite clear why we are all here!


Faith and Fate met at an intersection one day.

There was a head on collision!


God saved them both!

Blessed is the child that walks not in the way of sinners.

Blessed is the child that will not sit in the seat of the scornful.

His delight belongs to God.

His delight is his faithfulness to the Ruler of Heaven and Earth!





Is it right to love somebody?

Is it right to really care?

Is it right to share your dreams, your hopes, and all your prayers?


As she turned to me so slowly and she said to me, “Goodbye.”
As I stood in the doorway with a tear rolling down my right cheek
I asked myself, is it right to love somebody?


Is it right to love somebody?

Is it right to really care?

Is it right to share your dreams, your hopes, and all your prayers?


As she turned to me so slowly with tears in her eyes
and she said to me so softly,

She said to me, “Goodbye.”


As I stood in the doorway with a tear rolling down my right cheek, I asked myself, is it right to love somebody?

About the Authors


An innovative and unique trio of voice, Mary Battle, Bryan Battle Sr., and Bryan Battle Jr. take the reader on a poetic voyage back into time, through the heart of their understanding as they enter the delicate realm life, love, and poetry.


The 13th of 14 children by her mother, Mrs. Battle tackles her turbulent growing pains by writing poetry. After graduating from The Ohio State University, Mrs. Battle began to write about her life. It was at OSU that Mrs. Battle met her husband; Bryan Battle Sr. Both Bryan and Mary are law enforcement officers with the local and state government.  Bryan contributes to the book by adding one man’s philosophical view of life. This compilation is the third of seven books by the Battle family.


Each member of the family depicts life in the form of poetry and brings substance to the book by writing down their experiences, feelings, and observations. In their writings, The Battle family tackle such issues as the African-American males in prison, the negative stereotypes of African-Americans in America and the Diaspora, and the exploration of financial success through business and land ownership.


Bryan James Battle, Sr. was born in Columbus, Ohio, the fifth of six children. He enjoys coaching little league football, movie going, and traveling. He is also a life member of his fraternity, Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. Mary enjoys spending time volunteering with members of her sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Bryan Battle Jr. is a student at Oakland Park Traditional School in Columbus, Ohio.


Our latest book is ready for readers, check out "THE BAND". It is available at our website  http://www.lifetimeoftreasures.com

Look for future poetic art by Battle Enterprise.


Bryan & Mary Battle

Bryan Battle, Jr
Bringing poetry to life...to treasure for a lifetime!



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