The Diary of Cord House
The Diary of Cord House
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The Diary of Cord House




Loretta Bender


Karen Shelby relates The Diary of Cord House in her own words. The untimely death of her husband, Tony, and the inheritance of a house in the Midwest, prompts her move to Fort Dodge, Iowa.


Attorney Grant Howard is adamant that she sell Cord House. Karen is just as determined to remodel and move into the house. Her motive is to write a book about the family that owned and lived in Cord House.


Jane Grady, Tony's former co-worker, suddenly appears in Fort Dodge to stay with Karen. She is writing an autobiography about a local gentlemen no one seems to know. A snowstorm, and invitations that aren’t sent put a damper on a house warming. With a semi-retired doctor and Grant the only guests, the party turns into a story telling venture about Cord House.


Footsteps in the attic, strange voices and missing paintings add to the mystery. Does the discovery of a diary make a connection between the 1920 murders of the house's occupants and two present day murders? Will she have the chance to prove it before she herself is arrested or worse, a victim of the murderer?

I pulled a nail file out of my purse and poked around at the locks.  It took what seemed hours to get them open and then most of them were empty.  One drawer at the top came open easily and upon investigation I found that the wood around the lock was scratched and chipped.  The only contents was a short clipping of a few lines mentioning Ed Cord's arrest in New York.  I slipped it in my purse and picked up my flashlight again.  The boxes were covered with a thick layer of dust.  I aimed the light at the side of the boxes and moved down to the box marked, "C, 1926".  I lifted the box to the floor and knelt beside it.  The Cord file was the last one in the box.  I pulled it out and emptied the contents into my purse.  I replaced the file and picked up the flashlight and walked toward the steps.  One foot was on the first step when the light of my flashlight caught the white face of a man standing under the stairs.  I froze, staring at him, hardly breathing until he stepped out and came forward.


         Slowly I lifted the light higher.  A shudder went through me as I recognized.......

About the Author


Loretta Bender has worked as an insurance agent/customer service rep for 50 years. Retirement from the insurance business is still in the future. She states if she wrote a book on her career as an agent, it would probably alternate between serious and comedy.


Loretta has spent all but one of her 69 years in Iowa. She is a widow with two children and four grandchildren. Besides her family and her work as an insurance agent, her favorite pastime is reading, writing and caring for her house and flowers. Her interests run over a wide range of subjects from mystery to historical.


The Diary of Cord House is her second novel. Future plans are two novels with the characters from her first novel, One Thing of Beauty, released in 2006. A children’s book, Sammy Learns to Fly is awaiting illustrations before being submitted to publisher.


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