All Dogs Are Angels At Heart
All Dogs Are Angels At Heart
Make your dog an “Angel Dog” in 5 weeks, a fun and informative book for kids and adults
Perfect Bound Softcover
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I talked my sister into letting me help her write this book because I knew it would take a lot of work to get it the way she wanted it. 

There are quotes here from people whose dogs were acting out and driving them loony.  These desperate owners called Eileen because she is well known in these parts or because their veterinarian or a friend recommended her.  She jumps in her blue jeep and drives to their house.  She evaluates the dog and the owner.  It’s usually the owner’s fault I’ve discovered.  She tells them, “This is a very cool dog.  He’s awesome.  We can get him straightened around in no time.”  The relief they feel is huge.  I’ve seen Eileen turn out of control dogs into angels in seconds. 

After some basic obedience training the dogs and the owners often attend an “agility” or “therapy dog” class taught by Eileen.  The dogs are excited and happy to be there with the other dogs.  It’s like camp or a festival.  The owners fall in love with their dogs again.  The dogs, of course, always love their owners, no matter what.  Amazing creatures. 

Everyone should read this book.  You should especially read it before you get a dog so you know exactly what’s involved.  I’m not only talking to the adults I’m talking to the kids too.


Mickey McGovern has worked in the Hollywood film industry for fifteen years as a writer and a visual effects producer.  But more importantly she’s Eileen Tonick’s sister.

Hi.  My name is Eileen Tonick, MA, IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals).  I’m an expert in dog behaviors, a dog trainer and an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.  I have dedicated my life to the well being of dogs because owning and training a dog is an exciting, fun experience and because my biggest heart break is millions of dogs are put to sleep each year simply because they don’t behave.  That’s a terrible reason.  I’m determined to stop the euthanasia of dogs any way that I can.  One of those ways is to teach your dog to be a good citizen.

I’ve been a trainer for fifteen years and in that time I’ve developed what I refer to as “Angel Dogs Training.”  This method is all about being calm, patient, consistent and loving.  It’s easy to master.  You can train your dog in five weeks to be a well behaved, good friend. 

Puppies scamper into the family home as a pet and companion for children.   “It’s your puppy you take care of him,” is the rule.  Parents have jobs, work around the house and raise their children.  There’s not enough time in the day for the puppy too.   But children don’t have a clue about how to take care of and train a dog.  This book will fix that!


The puppy can grow into a neglected dog who is a pest for attention.  He’s chased out into the back yard where he’s fed once a day if someone thinks about it.  He becomes destructive, depressed and unhappy.  He becomes unhealthy.  Finally he’s taken to the pound and if he’s lucky he’s adopted.  

It’s frustrating when you ask your dog to do something and they refuse.  Those days are over.  This book will give you some insight into how dogs think.  From now on your best buddy will happily follow your commands.

Dogs are great company.  They love to hang out with you.  They will protect you if you are threatened.  Children love my dog, Timber, because she’s so sweet and well behaved.  They always say to me, “I want your dog.”

They depend on you for survival: food, water, shelter and affection.  That’s all they really think about.  “Where’s my food?  Where’s my water?  Give me a treat.”  You can be proud of them and love them back.  A well trained, well behaved dog is easy to love. 

Kids pick the coolest name they can think of for their dog.  They should keep that kind of attitude going every day.  There are over 73 million dogs in the United States.  That’s a lot of dogs to take care of.

You can read this book straight through or you can go to the chapters that apply to you right now.  Each chapter is easy and fast to read.  It’s just the facts and some good stories.  The main thing is that you learn how to take care of your best friend.


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