The Light Within Us
The Light Within Us
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As Frederick Douglas Harper’s ninth book of poems with prose, The Light Within Us addresses the God-given gift of talent and the inborn possibilities of love, giving, and forgiveness within all of us. Typical of all Dr. Harper’s creative books, The Light Within Us also contains a section with inspirational thoughts and quotes. Examples of titles from The Light Within Us include “Our Greatest Fears,” “Intentional Happiness,” “The Light Within Us,” “Love as Light,” “I Dare You,” “And God Stepped Out From Herself,” “Slave Society,” “Light a Candle; Become a Lighthouse,” “The Supreme Medal of Humanity,” “Defeating Yourself,” “Loneliness as Companion,” “Prisoners of Our Past,” “Ode to Emmett Till,” “Confronting the Grief Within,” “Jesus, Divine Light of God,” and “In Search of Purity.”



There is a light within our mind,

That shapes our identity therein defined;

There is a light deep down within our soul,

That releases our talent and makes us whole;

There is light through our gifts to share

With another, as healing for us which helps

Us to give further;

There is a light of God’s Spirit within us pure,

That connects our love and makes us secure;

Choose a mission of good for yourself and others;

Find a gift of talent within that you like and do best;

Release that energy as a way and path of your

Gift of life to the world;

If lost, find your rightful path in life—it’s not too late;

Choose to participate in an arena of giving, rather than

Observe as a spectator of constant complaint;

Choose courage over fear,

Choose happiness over sadness,

Choose love over hatred and anger;

Listen to your heart and mind—

Listen to God’s calling from the core of your

Soul as a voice of your mind’s thought within;

Follow your dream and not that of another;

Answer your calling now or never.




Our greatest fears as human being are:


Not the fear of being unable to find love,

But, rather, the fear of not being able to

Recognize and accept found love;


Not the fear of failing or not succeeding,

But rather the fear of not being willing to try

Or to accept opportunity for success;


Not the fear of death, but rather the fear

Of life with its daily challenges and



Not the fear of achieving to society’s

Standards or expectations,

But rather a fear of living up to our own

Personal talents and expectations;


Not the fear of being that self as defined by

Others, but rather the fear of being that self

That we are destined to be or wish to be.









Light a candle within your soul;

Nurture that glow and allow it to grow;

Nurture the fire within you as spirit,

Your spirit of life to develop as your gift and

Purpose in giving and serving;

Start a lighthouse from a candle’s light,

So effervescent to show the direction for those

Frederick Douglas Harper has authored more than 800 poems. The Light Within Us is his ninth poem book. His other poem books include Transitions in Life and to Death (2007), Poetica Erotica (2006), Spiritual Teacher Speaks (2005), Poems for Young People (2004), Love Poems of Frederick Douglas Harper (2003), God’s Gifts: Spiritual Writings (2003), Romantica: On Peace and Romance (1988), and Poems on Love and Life (1985, 2004). Dr. Harper has been referred to as a spiritual master by some of his readers and followers. His poetry on spirituality and love has been compared to the great works of Rumi and Khalil Gibran. Harper views himself as a missionary poet whose work is intended to provide inspirational, educational, therapeutic, and spiritual benefits for his readers. A university professor, international scholar, and educational leader, Harper has authored 17 books, including college textbooks. Furthermore, he has served as Editor-in-Chief of three major scholarly journals. His poems were read regularly on WPFW Radio, 89.3 in Washington, DC by the late Nap Turner for more than 15 years, alongside the poetry of the famous Langston Hughes, and his books have sold worldwide. Moreover, Harper has presented public speeches and lectures at more than 250 conferences, universities, churches, luncheons, and banquets throughout the United States and in numerous other countries.


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