Musings of a Romantic Soul
Musings of a Romantic Soul
A book of Poetry
Perfect Bound Softcover
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 "Musings Of A Romantic Soul, A Book Of Poetry" is a collection of poems on such subjects as romance, fantasy, the joy of living, small town living tragedy and heroes.

 It was written with an innocent and fresh view on life and loving with a pure heart.

 "Musings Of A Romantic Soul, A Book Of Poetry" was a labor of love.

  Open your eyes and heart, relax and enjoy!

She Dreams Of…


 She dreams of a man, who has a spirit of kindness,He would be her only love, she would be his only lady,This man knows how to love a woman with gentleness,One who would never treat her cruel or shady.She dreams of a lover to hold as he falls asleep,Of a man filled with passion and lust,He would know how to caress her, and love so deep,Of his love being true, she could always trust.She dreams of one to share her dreams and life,One who she could cherish and honor,And she longs to be his lover and wife,He would never be harsh or her dishonor.She dreams of a man, who would bring her pleasure,One who would treat her as he does himself,He would feel like she was like a priceless treasure,Not making her sit quietly as if on a shelf.She dreams of a man who is handsome and nice,He has a disposition that is bright and sunny,A man who doesn’t have any harmful vice,One who is charming and funny. She dreams of one not afraid to make a fool of himself for her,Making her laugh would make his day,For his heart, she does stir,Together as a team they could work and play.She dreams of a man that gives his love to her so freely, Showing his love no matter where they are,One who thinks she is beautiful, mind, body and soul, truly,Bestowing kisses on her, even in the car.She dreams of a love, a lifetime to last,Deeply loving in passions sweet embrace, Of falling in love so completely and fast, As she brings rapture to his strong face.

"Musings Of A Romantic Soul, A Book Of Poetry" is Debra (Brock) Bateman's 3rd book of poetry.

 Debra was born in Hays, Kansas; the sister of 4 brothers, they were raised in small towns in Texas and Kansas.

 She is a member of The Kansas Author's Club.

Debra has had some of her work published in various magazines and books.

Debra's maternal grandmother, the late Rena (Reed)Young, a long time Ellis resident,

also wrote poetry that she shared, having it published in The Kansas Authors Club in the 1970's.

She was an important person in Debra's life and an inspiration, sharing her love of horses and flowers.

  Debra also enjoys spending time with her kids, flower gardening, sketching scenery, listening to music, reading, riding horses, collecting teddy bears, and musical carousels.

 She is now working on her 4th book, "An Arousal Of The Senses, Poetry For The Young At Heart."


Debra's poetry site is:

Debra's website for her 1st 2 books is:



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