Destiny Trails
Destiny Trails
Grey Wings
Perfect Bound Softcover
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     Under the moonlit night, a she-wolf lays on the smooth cave floor.  Next to her are four pups, sleeping soundly.

      The black one is Shadow, the brown is Fero, the other brown pup goes by the name of Razor, and the grey, the only female wolf, is Alisha.

     Each wolf-pup has their own destiny set by the wolf-goddess Aiena, but only one has a great destiny.
     That one wolf is Alisha.

     With each paw-step forward, problems arise and solutions are found.  Alisha discovers a dream she wishes to complete and with the help of other wolves, she sets out to accomplish it.

     However, the most complicated, and unreal  events start to unfold.

     This starts her journey and this fantasy story…


     The clouds overhead stormed with the rain of the season, the rain that the earth needed to refresh the plants and revive the pond.  In a small cave north of the Riverfall pool lay a she-wolf heavy with pups.  A brown male wolf stood beside her, glancing lovingly.

          “My dear, please be ok.  I must go now. The pups need to be fed and so should their mother . . .” the male wolf said, lowering his head.  He stepped out of the cave and looked up at the shining Moon above him.  Dark clouds were covering some of it.  “Please, Aiena, Wolf Goddess of the moon, watch over my love and make sure no harm comes to her while I am gone.  It shan’t be long.  But soon, I can see, the pups will come.”  He pelted away from the cave to search for food.


          The she-wolf lay on the warm ground of the cave, her pups squirming in her belly.  Her while flank was covered with dirt from lying in the puddle of mud at the front of the cave.  She rose to her paws, realizing the time had come.  Padding deeper into the dark cave, she found a place to lie down again as she felt a small tingle engulfing her flank.  She gulped.  The pups are coming!  She exclaimed to herself.  They’re coming now!  Shock quavering in her belly, she started to breathe hard.  She glanced towards the cave entrance and wished for her mate to return.

          “We need a miracle, Wolf Goddess,” she-wolf prayed.  “Please let my litter survive.”

          As fog slowly surrounded the cave’s entrance, a small whimper of pain came from inside.

         Four pups now lay at she-wolf’s side, crawling to their mom’s stomach in search of milk.  The she-wolf laid her head on her paws contentedly, feeling the warmth of her little pups squirming at her belly.  She heard a howling near the entrance and picked up her ears, thinking an intruder had come to call.  Fumbling to her paws, she bared her white fangs in readiness.


Cassandra Kaiser started writing books at the age 11. However, she wrote GreyWings at the age of 12 which is quite an accomplishment.

The first book Cassandra wrote was about a series she absolutely loved, and it was then when others began to notice her talents. Though that book was not published, it still is amazing, especially for her age. 

 She was most proud when GreyWings was published, for she always  wanted to take a book of her own into her school library and ask a Librarian to put her book on display.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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