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Love Online
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The Essential Guide Book for Internet Dating

The first totally comprehensive guide book on the subject of internet dating. At the moment there are over 50 million people registered on dating sites across the internet, with over 10,000 new members joining every day!

If you are thinking of Online Dating or you are already a member of a site this book is for you.

This book will teach you how to...

Create and implement a proven safety system for all your dates.

Spot the serial dater and cheat.

Discover the real nature of the person you are chatting to.

Present yourself in a way that is both honest and attractive.

Take control of your own profile and be in charge.

Politely but firmly reject people you are not attracted to.

Strike up conversations with people who interest you.

Maintain an internet relationship until you want to take it .further

Catch out people who are not being honest with you.

Gather a circle of new and trustworthy friends around you.

Have a lot of fun, safely.

and so much more.......

This is the definitive guide to Online Dating, everything you need to know is here.This book will help you develop your own space on a reputable dating site, show you how to create an interesting and honest profile about yourself, attract people of a compatible character, talk to others in a natural and safe way, meet dates in safety, and hopefully build a solid relationship with that very special person, the one you have always dreamed about. There are good and bad people on dating sites, this book is designed to show you how to tell the difference.

Imagine you were trying to sell your car online. You would take a few really nice photographs of it, in scenic locations, showing off its best points. Then you would write an in depth description of the vehicle so that potential buyers would get a good idea of what it was they were getting. You would emphasise its many good points, and try to play down its weaknesses a little bit, without giving a false impression of what the car was like. You would not want to sell it too cheaply, and you would want the overall impression to be a favourable one. You would want it to look good.

   Then why, oh why do people upload out of focus, old photographs onto dating sites, say nothing interesting about their lives, and make themselves sound half brain dead when they are creating their own profiles?

   The profile is the second thing a potential date will look at, to see if they are interested in getting to know you. The first thing is your photograph. Because your photograph is so important, I have dedicated the next section exclusively to it, but right now, let's discuss how we go about creating an attractive profile.

   So what exactly is a dating site profile? In it's broadest sense it is a single page advertisement. It will feature your "handle" or username, which we discussed previously, have a space for one or two photographs, and there will be some general information about you: the city in which you live, your hair and eye colouring, your height, your age, and so on. Then there will be enough space for you to make the whole page come alive with whatever you would like to say about yourself. This is your chance to sell yourself. If this were not a dating site profile, but a Curriculum Vitae, which you would send out to potential employers, you would be more likely to spend some time and effort on it, to make it sound professional, to make yourself seem worthy and employable. Why should your dating site profile be any different? This is your chance to be noticed, to seem interesting to potential Life Partners. This is your chance to shine.

Martin Slevin has spend two years interviewing hundreds of people on dating sites around the world. After his own twelve year marriage came to an end he joined a dating site to see what all the fuss was about.

After a year he met his new partner, and has now started to build a new life, but not before going through the many ups and downs of internet dating.

Martin has written this book so that its readers can avoid the pitfalls most people fall into, and also so they can take short cuts; they won't have to do everything by trial and error, which can be a painful learning process, they can simply do things the right way, the first time.

"I wish a book like this had been around when I first started internet dating, it would have made the whole process so much easier, less fraught and more efficient" Said Martin.


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