Find Dominic Decorating
Find Dominic Decorating
Saddle Stitch Softcover
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This is a nonfiction Christmas children's book based on a real yearly event that takes place at the author's real Castle. Children will enjoy this book as well as their parents, the entire book is about decorating the Castle for Christmas installing string of lights, stars, Christmas trees and more, the child would have to find out from one page of the book to the other, what was the decoration that Dominic added to the next page until the entire Castle is completed and ready for Christmas. Please buy this book as a Christmas gift for you children or grand children, 25 cents of each copy sold will be donated to the Children's Hospital, Boston towadrs research, Join Dominic and the many others who have already started purchasing books to help the children because after all, they are the Future. Thank you.
Pages 1@ 2 sorry no pictures in this free preview just a text . Hello Kids! My name is Dominic and this is my home. Can you find me? How many rabbits can you see in my garden? Do you see the bird? What else do you see? Pages 5@6 again no pictures just the text. Hi kids! This is your friend Dominic. I'll decorate my Castle for Christmas. Can you guess which decorations I will use? Dominic will love to paste some of the book pictures but this program doesn't let us do that.
Dominic loves to decorate for Christmas, July 4th, Easter, Valentine's day. To find out more about Dominic, please go to, click on the web or images than type Dominic Luberto and click on search, than you will know a lot about this man decorating for Christmas.

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Saddle Stitch Softcover
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