Sex and a Side Step 1-2-3
Sex and a Side Step 1-2-3
Perfect Bound Softcover
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For as long as i can remember, I have loved to Ballroom Dance . My little book is filled with humorous saying that my students sort of ''blurt out'' as they are learning to dance, ballroom dancing’s double entendres, That is when the second meaning is slightly risque’. The second half of the book is serious, and tells the story of how through a series of unbelievable coincidences, I met two sisters when I was 51 years of age, and how Ballroom dancing tied it all together. Most people are interested in being a good social dancers, and have a need for dancing well so they can feel comfortable in all social situations like wedding receptions, anniversary parties, Christmas parties, and other events where dancing is a necessary social skill. These are the people I enjoy teaching, and this is for whom I have written this little book. To them who as they learn, can have a few laughs, not take learning to Ballroom Dance so seriously, enjoy the learning, and wind up being a really well trained and nice looking social ballroom dancer! A dancer who will be the envy of all who see them. If you cannot dance, but have always wanted to learn, please consider the following: ''Beginning to Learn Ballroom Dance at Home!!''. An instructional DVD that 'will get you started'..... Toll Free 1-877-282-6463 to order. Toll Free 1-877-2 TANGO 3 $25. Includes tax, postage , & handling Remember.....You will need private lessons too. In Bradenton, FL. Call Bradenton Dance Center 941-792-7410 for the private instruction. Ballroom Dancing------Learn it Now! Enjoy it forever!
DANCING is a perfect way to meet members of the opposite sex. This is very respectful I might add, and very socially acceptable. It is easy for a person to imagine themselves gliding across a ballroom; holding a beautiful woman or handsome gentlemen in your arms, enjoying a perfect three minutes of a great dance. It actually joins you both together in perfect harmony for those few short minutes. That is—IF THAT FIRST DANCE IS ENJOYABLE—and of course that is why one needs to know how to dance. Dancing gives people the way to meet each other, enjoy each other, talk a little, and then move on to the next partner....all done with a kind of proper, mannerly, change partners now, it’s O.K. to get out there, way of meeting and being close to each other. I cannot think of any other activities we do, that make this very act possible and acceptable! Can you imagine walking up to a complete stranger in a mall, or on the street, or in a grocery store, taking a hold of them, holding them closely in your arms for two to three minutes without speaking, and then saying ‘’thank-you, I enjoyed that", and then just walking away??? Ballroom Dancing--Partner Dancing------Learn it Now! Enjoy it forever! kathryn
This is the part of this little book that should highlight my credentials as an author. As an author, I have none, but as a Ballroom Dance Instructor, I have a lot to tell anyone who is willing to listen.... For as long as I can remember, I have loved to Ballroom Dance and for the past 41 plus years I have been teaching young adults, singles, & couples ''how to dance'' and enjoy doing it. Dancing together is NOT about winning a prize or a competition. It is about the mutual enjoyment of the couple dancing—together—and for that brief dance, being perfectly together and enjoying every second of it. This little book is about learning to dance. It is about finding a good place to learn to dance, and finding a good instructor. The Side Step part of this book is about ''me''. It's about discovering I was adopted and then finding family I never knew I had. My friend Rita tells me I should list my "credentials". ...that I should list my training, awards, and all I have done in my dancing career to show I can write with 'the authority to do so'...... I think that my students are my BEST credentials! I am so proud of them after I have taught them a few steps and they finally begin to ''feel'' like they can dance a little. And they also begin to look good on the dance floor. There friends notice a change in them. More important that they can learn to dance, and enjoy doing it. Many have met their life partners & sweethearts while dancing or taking lessons. My students are great people. This book is for them.

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