The Light of Truth
The Light of Truth
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The Light of Truth has been written entirely whilst in close prayer, and every word has been given by The Holy Spirt.

It is a book of proverbs, psalms, and teachings. It is a book about life and eternal life. It is a book of truth.

Each one of us has to come to the point when we wonder what life is all about. How is it we are alive, how the world was made, and most importantly - why? When i searched openly for the truth - i found God. He is a Spirit full of love and compassion! I asked him everything I could, showed him evey doubt that science and modern society has raised in me. He answered all my questions and sometimes I was told to write the answers down. This book is the result.

1)Rays of light shining through the clouds

point to the hidden sun,

like the earth, moon and stars

declare the existence of their Maker.


2)The love of the Lord,

is the light of our lives.


3)The LORD'S love is the most special thing in the world,

it is more precious than life itself.

It sparkles and glistens

more than any jewel that comes from the earth,

and so is priceless.

It has more colours than a rainbow

and shines brighter than the sun.

It is more refreshing than a waterfall

and purer than a natural spring.

It is prettier than the sky

and deeper than the ocean.


The Love of the LORD belongs to anyone who wants it;

all you have to do is ask him solemnly

and the heavens shall be opened,

and his love will rain down upon you,

drenching your cheek with tears of joy! 

Each one of us has a role in life and writing The Light of Truth is mine.

This is not because i am the best person God could bless with this role. It is not because i am the most intelligent either. I am not an established author or poet, and have no credentials to show you here. So why did the Lord Our God bestow someone as ordinary as me with the role of writing his words down for his children? Well it is exactly because there is no way i could have done any of it on my own. This should show all who read it of its origin.

I have been truly blessed with learning the words and writing them down when called. It was a joy to write and a privilege. To work for God was my deepest wish, and although completely unworthy i was allowed to.

I hope The Light of Truth will be of help, as you look to find your way. God bless you, Kevin James.


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