The Nimrods
The Nimrods
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The Nimrods is an important new book for two reasons.  First, it is an accurate true-life story, told by an A-26 navigator/co-pilot who flew 182 combat missions in the Vietnam War, about a magnificent band of A-26 pilots and navigator/co-pilots who flew--from 1966 to 1969--countless high-intensity nighttime dive-bombing missions in “The Secret War in Laos” (Steel Tiger, Barrel Roll and along the Ho Chi Minh Trail).  To illustrate the intensity of the dive-bombing missions in the Vietnam War, the writer describes, in detail, more than twenty separate unforgettable missions—and more importantly—the personalities and psychological reactions of all of the unforgettable characters who were a part of the 609th Special Operations Squadron.  Second, the book is highly relevant to the current Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the Global War on Terror, because it addresses the lessons learned in the Vietnam War (and World War II and the Korean War) and advocates that Americans and their allies apply those lessons learned to terrorism and renewed threats of nuclear war from tyrants and terrorists around the world.  This is a book whose time has come. The views of our military veterans and their families who have endured the life-threatening and life-changing experiences of combat are made known to the American public and our allies.  Recommendations from The Iraq Study Group Report, and President Bush’s new Iraq strategy, are reviewed and analyzed.  The book articulates a new way forward and a new vision that can be embraced by the entire world, and contrasts the vision of America and its allies with the vision of Osama bin Laden and the radical Islamic terrorists who threaten the security of the entire world. 

For a free preview, visit and pull up "The Nimods" in the search function.  Then, simply click on the book front cover showing the "Search Inside" feature.  You will be able to see the enlarged beautiful front cover in high resolution, see the entire Table of Contents, see the first two chapters, and see the back cover of the softcover version of the book.

The author of The Nimrods flew 182 combat missions with the A-26 Nimrods in the “Secret War in Laos” in 1967-68.  During 1963-69, the author flew for six years with the USAF in B-52 and A-26 aircraft.  From the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States, to the Vietnam War and the War on Terror, he believes that The Nimrods is a story of American combat courage that needs to be told and remembered by America and the West.  Lessons learned from past wars must not be forgotten.  Based upon his father’s World War II combat death in the Battle of the Bulge, and his own experience in the Vietnam War, the author is convinced that real Americans have true grit and that they will rise up and fight to defeat Islamist tyrants and terrorists.  This is a wake up call to America and free countries around the world—defeat the terrorists or risk losing your freedom and your way of life.  Tyrants and terrorists are using their oil money to buy nuclear power, and most likely, nuclear weapons.  Our choice is to have the courage to confront and defeat the Islamist radicals, or to become victims of brutal extremists who murder to gain power.  During the last twenty years of his Air Force career, the author served as a judge advocate, including a two-year assignment with the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, Egypt, and assignments in the Washington, D.C. area spanning more than a decade.  After retiring from the Air Force, he worked for twelve years with Lockheed Martin Corporation at Marietta, Georgia, as the F-22 Program Attorney.  The author is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy (Class of 1963), law school at West Virginia University (1972), and graduate law school at George Washington University (1978).


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