Heritage from Cyan
Heritage from Cyan
Book Two of The Cyannian Trilogy
Perfect Bound Softcover
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 Book two of The Cyannian Trilogy continues the fantasy. It describes the development of a Universal Technology needed to provide another platform for the supernatural and physical dimensions to interact.  Over the years, following their return from Cyan, Tristram teaches his people to submit their allegiance to the Infinite One and take Earth into the celestial realm. They achieve this, allowing him to complete the first stage of his great plan. Before making his transition to the spiritual dimension, he begins the second stage. Set now in their belief in the spiritual life beyond, Tristram is able to guide his people from the celestial window. They develop the Universal Technology, and from Earth, now settled in the higher physical life-plane, provide Tristram with the platform that will allow him to seed a virgin world out in the universe.

He had not taken more than a dozen paces when a sudden intense pain spread through his chest. As fast as it had come it disappeared. For a moment he stood a little confused, then gradually his thoughts cleared, and he began to look ahead once more for Polly and the others. But as they approached there was something strange about the way they moved. He was unable to hear the sounds of them walking and talking. When he spoke there was no resonance in his voice; all of them seeming to look straight through him. They started to run past where he stood, making no attempt to acknowledge his presence. He was puzzled. Gazing out toward the temple doors, his attention had been drawn to the outlines of some mysterious figures materialising in front of them. The excitement welled up in him as he anticipated a visit from his alien friend Antron. He gazed back to the others and saw Polly, Floyd, Judy and David crouched around someone lying on the floor, with others in the temple running toward them. His attention focused on the group, ignoring the materialising apparitions, and hurried toward them to see what help he could give.

“Will you not even consider the sincerity of my offer?” asked Tristram softly. “Surely by now you must see your way leads nowhere? and…"

"You dare to judge and chastise me?” screamed the Evil One, his face twisted in uncontrollable rage. He lunged forward, eagerly assisted by his minions in a gesture to overcome Tristram. But the intensity of Tristram’s aura repelled them, infuriating them still more.

The Evil One drew back, realising his attempts to intimidate Tristram had failed, and that the first round of this battle had been lost.

“You have not won, Tristram Velby.” The Evil One calmly pointed to the sky, the hideous grin spreading across his face once again. For a brief moment, and in Tristram’s eyes only, the sky darkened as the legions of evil closed in around him. “I have offered you a place beside me to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh and you have refused.” His expression grew tenser as with unblinking, staring eyes he gazed at Tristram. “I will have your world, and the young souls you seek to protect in it.”

“You tried on Earth, Evil One and you failed there as you will fail here.” The Evil One slowly withdrew; the hideous smile fading from his face.

“We shall see, minion of the Infinite One. We shall see.”

Since writing the first book, Cataclysm Earth, the author continues to develop a plan to try and help needy people. He believes the demise humanity finds itself in can only be stopped by a unified effort arising from a united world. Possessing an understanding of the life beyond (thanks to the skills demonstrated by his mother; a spiritual medium for some sixty years) he has developed an intuitive ability to liaise with them. The prophecy of his writing, having subtended from that source, continues with this second book, which he hopes will realise the resources to complete his plan. He does not follow any particular sect, but continues to possess a reverent respect and belief in the Maker and follows the doctrines laid down by him.


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