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Have you ever wondered about adopting a child from overseas? Is adoption part of your family – or would you like it to be? Travel with Elle and Jonathan through their true adoption journey – through the steps of the adoption process in an expedition that pulls you, draws you, presses at you, and at the end, has the power to ultimately complete you.

The people and the events are real. The emotions are incredibly powerful. And the story’s page-turning significance will grip your soul. Come with us; let the story capture your heart. Travel with us until the moments of waiting fall into one: The powerful uniting of parent and child. And feel the joy of coming home.

Excerpts from

Miracle in the City of Angels

By Elle Conner and Erin Brown Conroy


From Chapter Three…


“…With both of us in the kitchen making lunch, Jonathan touched my arm. I looked up to see him looking at me with that familiar twinkle.

“If we’re going to adopt a child,” he stated, “we ought to do it now, while you’re young and have the energy.”

The corner of my mouth lifted wryly. I nodded, adding, “Yeah, before you’re too old.”

That afternoon, I bought the Journal.

I felt both wonderful and strange. I felt like I’d just opened a door and boldly stepped out – into a dark room. And in that darkness, I immediately felt a need for some sense of control. Maybe it was the fact that I really had no idea what was ahead, and that unsettled me. I have to admit: I jumped in the car and drove to the corner store to buy this simple, brown-covered Journal because I felt powerless, and I had to take some kind of action. I had to do something. Deep in my heart, I knew that I wanted to keep track of the whole process. For me. And for my future child.

Returning home from the corner store, I turned the car onto our long wooded drive and glanced at the Journal peeking out of the white plastic bag on the passenger’s seat.  The blank book stared back.

It seemed to be saying, “So, tell me, Elle…Tell me…”

Inside the house, with car keys put away and Journal pulled from the bag, I sat in the reclining chair in the family room. Arms resting on my legs, holding the Journal in front of me, I flipped the empty pages.

This Journal and I had something in common. We were both waiting. Waiting to walk through the story together. And anxious to complete the pages, to be at the end of the story. That would only happen in measured time.

I opened the book and wrote.

God, help me through this new time. I don’t know what’s ahead. To say that I’m excited and anxious all wrapped up together doesn’t even begin to explain all of what’s racing around inside of me. All I know is that adopting a child right now is “right.” It’s right to do, and it’s the right time. Direct me and guide me. Walk with me. Help me. Help our family to become complete.

Our child is waiting. Show us.

Take us to our child.


Elle Conner, the mother of two teenage boys and Allie (now nine), lives in mid-Michigan balancing working part time with being there for her kids. A voracious reader, Elle also loves to write and is now working on books Two and Three of this series. Elle and her husband love to spend time with their kids;  traveling, camping, and attending their children's numerous events.


Erin Brown Conroy, a mom of 13 children (eight adopted internationally), has been an instructor to children and counselor to families for over 30 years. As author of three parenting books including 20 Secrets to Success with Your Child and creator of the TotallyFitMom.com program, Erin slips away on evenings and weekends for educational and motivational speaking at conferences and workshops and teaches as a part-time university professor in leadership, writing and research, and health and wellness. Erin and her husband, Shawn, together enjoy homeschooling and raising their children in Michigan. For Erin’s free articles and audio, visit http://www.erinbrownconroy.com/ today.


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