Against the Gates of Hell
Against the Gates of Hell
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This book represents, from a most unusual perspective, the greatest story ever told. Although it is a work of fiction it vividly portrays the spiritual battle that confronts all of us.


Throughout its fabric is woven the story of the redemption of mankind. The self-deception of Satan and his minions is portrayed in a way that can only be described as brilliant in its conception.


For a person such as myself who has been engaged for the past 36 years in the deliverance ministry, which involves the direct confrontation of demon power, the description of the spiritual battles can only be described as inspired.


The book clearly outlines the work of redemption at the Cross of Jesus Christ and reaches its climax with the resurrection. It makes for fascinating reading.


Bill Subritzky


Dove Ministries.




I first met Brian and his wife Maria some 18 years ago when they came to Hong Kong to take part in the work of the St.Stephen’s for a 2-month period.  Since that time he has seen evidence of signs and wonders in many Christian ministries, such as ours, and this book is the fruit of some of his spiritual journeying.


Of course I knew the end of this story from the beginning.  But once I started this amazing book I could not put it down.  Full of guts, gore and glory it tells the history of the world, and that which is to come, from a unique perspective – that of angels and demons.


I am not a fan of Christian books but this is one I would unreservedly recommend to anyone including those who are not yet believers in the God of Creation.  It will grip you and should throw you back to the source – the Bible.  That is my measure of spiritual literature; whether it gives one a thirst to discover more of the truth of Scripture.  Obviously it is partly fantasy and wonderfully embellished but nevertheless, rather credible.  I personally had one or two theological leaps and are still enjoying making biblical landfall on some of the scenes.


We ignore the enemy at the peril of our own lives.  “Deliver us from evil,” said Jesus, so it must be critical.  This book highlights why the evil one became so when he was also created an angel.  Thus, it contains lessons for us all in an age where worship has been revived and glorified in our Christian communities.


This is a big tale.  The angels are huge, beautiful and number in hosts.  The demons are large too, and powerful.  There are battles upon battles.  The greatest battle of all has been won on the cross, so for us followers of Jesus there is much comfort in the knowledge that we are not only fighting with the aid of our Saviour but with myriads of mostly unseen angelic beings.  May it bring encouragement to all who are still in the war and for the battles yet to be fought.


Jackie Pullinger-To

St.Stephen’s Society

Hong Kong

Brian France was born in London, England and served for 15 years in the Royal Air Force. His wife Maria is a New Zealander.


In 1973 Brian was serving as an officer in the R.A.F. Regiment during the conflict in Northern Ireland. He experienced the violence first hand and was involved in a bomb blast that removed most of his hearing and damaged his legs. He was profoundly deaf and walked painfully for the next three years until healed by the prayer of Christian friends.


After experiencing conversion and a call to the ministry, Brian attended St. John’s and Knox Theological Colleges gaining a Licentiate in Theology. Ordination followed in 1982.


Having experienced the life changing effects of the healing and deliverance ministries those Christian activities have always been an important part of Brian’s ministry.


Brian and Maria live in Auckland, New Zealand and are available for speaking and ministry engagements worldwide. Their can be contacted by email at or by phoning 0064 9 837 1127.


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