Alzheimer's Unmasked
Alzheimer's Unmasked
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My book titled “Alzheimer’s Unmasked” is the culmination of over 7 years of self-funded, full-time research that started in 1998.  The initial goal was to identify what causes the neurodegenerative disease known as Alzheimer’s dementia.  What advances this disease from mild cognitive impairment, to moderate cognitive impairment, and finally to the end stage of severe cognitive impairment, which terminates in death.


Alzheimer’s dementia completely destroyed my mother’s cognitive functions over a 10 year period of time.  She died in May of 1999.  My research was unproductive until this disease started to affect me.


Using a 3 year process of elimination diet and testing on myself, I was able to isolate what caused my Cognitive impairment.  It took a couple more years of research before I was able to understand the mechanisms involved.


Trace minerals, by themselves will not reverse Alzheimer’s, but, I have found that by using them in conjunction with a restricted diet that removes certain chemicals in the foods I eat, I have completely restored my cognitive functions back to normal.


If you are looking for answers as to what causes this Alzheimer’s disease and what to do about it, you will want to read “Alzheimer’s Unmasked”.

I’ve heard it called, Alzheimer’s, and I’ve heard it called dementia and cognitive impairment. I’ve also heard it called Alzheimer’s disease. When it killed my mother, the doctors wrote Alzheimer’s dementia on her death certificate.

When it started on me, I experienced a severe loss of memory, with a lot of confusion. I was able to reverse this condition after several years of research and testing on myself.

Regardless of what you call it, my private research reveals, my memory problems and confusion were based in element deficiency. When I replaced the deficient elements and removed certain chemicals from my diet, the memory loss and confusion went away.

In this chapter, I will use science to detail the numbers and how they are involved in Alzheimer’s disease. These numbers represent "Six elements" in the "Periodic Table of Elements."

Neuroscientists all over the world are working to find the correct therapy that will reverse Alzheimer’s disease.

I want to share my work in the hope that together, we can bring this terrible disease under control or end it completely.

My research reveals Alzheimer’s to be a disease of element deficiency. Certain elements in my aged body are being oxidized. This produces free radicals and ionic inhibition of the "six very important atomic elements." Vitamins, are also being inhibited.



After 7 years of Alzheimer’s research, my findings are that dementia and cognitive impairment appear when the age weakened biochemical system in the body can no longer handle two combined chemicals in food and drink. These two chemicals are...

Just as we are what we eat, we learn to perceive by living experiences in life and reading books.  Being raised in the Midwest and born during the Great Depression into a middle class family Paul’s role models were building contractors.  College was never mentioned.  Paul’s first 12 years of working life was spent as a Journeyman Stone Cutter and Stone Mason.  When stone priced itself out of the market in the 1960s, he became a Journeymen Brick Mason, Block Mason and built fireplaces.  Later he became a building contractor.


Intermingled with those experiences were 5 years of racing modified stock cars.  Later he got interested in Aviation.  This was where his desire to learn was born.  3 years of reading and effort translated into a private pilot’s license, a commercial pilot’s license, a multi-engine rating, an instrument rating, and a seaplane rating.  Reading to learn more continues even to today.


After moving to the southwest in the 1970s he returned to masonry construction later retiring after 25 years of performing Brick restoration and matching mortar colors which required special challenging skills.


Self preservation is the strongest desire mankind possess.  This was certainly true in Pal’s case.  After Alzheimer’s started to affect Paul’s memory he knew the only way he could survive the horrible effects of Alzheimer’s was to figure out what causes it and how to stop it.  Since he had no background for this and limited formal education this was going to be tough.  The alternative was unacceptable.  So he started reading medical books and researched day and night 7 days a week.  It took over 7 years to get the answers he was looking for.  What causes Alzheimer’s dementia and what to do about it?


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