The New Mars
The New Mars
A Family Vacation
Perfect Bound Softcover
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A family of four goes Mars for vacation.  At Mars there are domes with hotels, an amusement park and other fun activities that are used by vacationers at Mars.   The story starts with the family landing on the moon to transfer to a Space Jet that will take them to Mars.  At Mars they find that there is less gravity then Earths, but more than that is on the moon. 

On Mars they stay in the low budget hotel at The New Mars facilities in Tent A.  Tent A is a small tented city with a park in it and more.  There are three Tents in The New Mars complexes.  One has a sports complex with racing and other activates, it is amazing how the change of gravity affects the sports on Mars.  The other Tent has the retirement community with a big mall and hospital.

The kids want to play at the park all day but they find that there are other fun things to do on Mars.  Next to their hotel there is a Skating Rink with a half pipe, they see a show there and the next day they go to skate.  They find other things in Tent A like a bar that has an opened mike night every Thursday night.  They find fun things to do in the other Tents also.

The family has fun in each Tent, but on Friday they spend the day at Mars Dome which has grown into three domes.  They take a tour of The Mars Domes and they spend time in the greenhouse of the Hotel Dome and meet a couple that want to invest in Mars.  On Saturday they spend all day in Tent B and have fun playing and watching shows the big thing is Pod Racing. jlm1976/Home.html 

After they found seats, Tom started talking about what he read on the way to the moon base and how cool it was in space.  John and Kim were looking all around at everything and saw there was a sign that read “Gravity Games!!!” They both interrupted their father and asked, “Can we go play gravity games?”

Tom looked around and saw the games and a number of people at the games in bright jump suits.  “John, could you take your sister to that park?  And keep an eye on her.  And make sure one of those officials can see you at all times.”

John jumped up, feeling so proud of himself that he was asked to take part in such a difficult task.  “Yes, sir,” and John took his sister by the hand and set for the gravity games.

Tom watched them go and turned back to his wife, who was feeling much more grounded now.  “So, I was saying how they grow these plants you see around this room on Mars, too.  So we can breathe.”

Amy looked up.  “I didn’t know that we could breathe on Mars.”

Tom shook his head with a smile.  “We can’t breathe in Mars’s atmosphere, but in the tents and in the Mars dome they grow these plants and more.  I mean, in the tents, they have a moss-like plant in place of grass and they have vines growing everywhere.  And the gravity there makes you feel like you weigh less than half of what you way on Earth.”

“So there is gravity on Mars.” Amy was looking relived.

“Yes, not as much as on Earth, but I think it’s a third of Earth’s gravity.  They say it feels like a weight has been taken off your shoulders.  That’s why there is a retirement community on Mars.” Tom gives a big smile.

Amy sees this.  “I hope you aren't thinking of retiring on Mars.”

“We have a few more years until then, but I read that in Tent B where the sports complexes are and the race track is.  They put a street on the other side of the golf course where young retirees have condos.  There are stores there and everything.”

“My friend told me that there is a mall with a spa in one of those tents,” Amy said with fake interest.  She was expecting Tom to say let’s move to Tent B.

“Oh Yah, that’s where a retirement community is.”

Amy just rolled her eyes.

“They have condominiums on each side of the street with a big mall and hospital at the end.  That mall has everything you need and it has gotten bigger over the past year, with more stores and everything.”

“How many floors does the mall have?”

Tom thought for a minute.  “The mall part just has one with a restaurant at the entrance, and there is a separate food court and the spa with a gym, but the mall has a lot of new stores in the extension they just added.  There is a second floor, but it’s the hospital, and on the third floor, there are rooms for the retirees that need more care.”

“Where is the Mars dome?” Trying not to think about retirement. jlm1976/Home.html

I wrote these books because I wanted to get away from my life but, taking a vacation wasn’t enough.  I wanted to go to a different world like in the Star Trek series, but that isn’t likely to happen.  So I came up with a story that could possibly happen someday in the not too distant future.  With technology moving as it is right now it should take about fifty years before the common man can travel to other planets in this solar system. 

We can take a vacation to Mars and create new sports and activities to do on Mars.  I am encouraging you to open your mind and dream up a vacation to Mars according with my books.  If this book sells good, then I would be more likely to write a book of short stories about vacationing on Mars.  Let me know about your vacation and any additions you would like on Mars and maybe I will put together a book of short stories.  I would give you credit and payment for your short stories, if I was to use them.

I am writing more books about a life you and I could get away to. Check out my Web-Site jlm1976/Home.html 


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