Judgement Day
Judgement Day
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Natasha a young English girl in her early twenties is suffering from a congenital heart desease which has plagued her since birth.

Finally reaching a climatic time in her life she realises her only chance of survival is a total heart transplant.

Her life hanging by a thread, she takes her doctors advise  with terrifying repercussions,with the new heart beating inside her she is thrust into a world where the hearts benefactor provides her with evidence of it's owners untimely death.No one understands her plight when visions take over her life and forge the way ahead for her to capture her benefactors murderer.

With the aid of an understanding police inspector and a psychic medium who gave evidence ten years previous of ten similar murder cases of young girls, they both contrive to help Natasha and ultimately capture the murderer.Thrust into todays drug culture,the police inspectors investigations take him into the seedy side of life where three young vunerable lads are drawn into his evil circle, money and addiction sadly become more important than life itself.

Natasha is plunged into the afterlife and back again to complete her cycle of life.The cursed souls of the murdered girls seek their revenge,can Natasha help them in their quest and does she succeed?


Following Joey's directions, they arrived at an old disused building.Joey saw the door where he made his escape,it was still slightly ajar just as he remembered.Inside it was dark, immediately the smell of dampness wafted around.Four special officers in combat gear pushed forward scanning the area for Natasha's body.

Deep within the vast cavern of tunnels they began to realise the enormity of the situation.Their hopes dashed, it was shown to be deserted, only blackness revealed itself.

"No!You have to go lower,"Joey said, pointing to a stairwell that led down to underground rooms.

The four officers swept down the stairs in such speed that the sound of their boots echoed through the vast open space.Joey,David and Margaret followed.

A voice shouted.


David and Margaret run to a pathetic looking creature lying on the floor."Is she still alive?" Margaret asked.

David felt for a pulse, nothing!

Margaret pushed him aside and felt for a pulse.It was faint!

One of the officers radioed for an ambulance,they needed back up.

David picked Natasha's frail body up in his arms; Another officer cut the cable ties from her delicate wrists and ankles throwing them aside.

'It will be a miracle if she survives this' David thought.

He whispered her name,there was no response.Paramedics arrived on the scene and took charge of the situation,placing Natasha on a spinal board, they carried her up the spiral staircase to the upper floors.

Once outside she was whisked away to hospital for urgent care.

David and margaret stood hand in hand.Margaret began to cry,David had tears in his eyes also.

"What do you want us to do now boss?" the officer asked.

"Let the crime scene lads take over."

"Get him back to the cells!He has a statement to make," referring to Joey.He was led away.

Margaret and David returned to their car and sat in silence.

"I hope they can save her?"He said.

She smiled at him and took his hand.

"There was nothing else you could do,"she replied.

"Yeah, but this was all my fault."

"David you have your man!"

"But what good is that, if Natasha dies?"

"Natasha knew her fate when she decided to help you."

"What do you mean?"

"Tasha knew.I knew."

"That first day we met.I was given a vision?"

"You never said,what was your vision?"

"I saw a young girl just as we found her."

"So you knew this would happen?"

She nodded at him sadly.

"Why didn't you you tell me,why didn't you stop me she would have been spared this awful thing?"

"I have no hand in fate David,our destinies are mapped out before we are born."

"But i could have stopped her!" He cried.

"David this is part of Natasha's destiny."

"How can you know?"

"The spirits told me they always do."

Since early childhood the facination of books had always intrigued me..

My curiosity into spiritual matters were also a part of my daily life.My grandmother and mother who were ardent followers of spiritualism opened my eyes to such things, story telling was passed down through generation to generation, this today has given me the foresight into such realms as the afterlife and dimensions that go far beyond human consciousness.

With this knowledge and lifes experiences my intuition has given me an  inventive story telling gift.



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