The Ark of Millions of Years: Volume Three
The Ark of Millions of Years: Volume Three
2012 Unlocking the Secret
Perfect Bound Softcover
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“The authors have, perhaps through their scientific backgrounds, avoided the trap of so many in this genre. They have combined all the facts with clarity. They have provided practical tools and knowledge with which the individual person can reach their maximum potential, and thus may have shown us a way to get out of this alive.” –The Scientific Journal “Dr. Agnew is a great explorer. He brings back evidence from places no one has seen in thousands of years. One afternoon, I shared in his journeys like a little boy waiting for stories around the campfire. I wish I could go with him on his next voyage.” –Hanny el Zeini (author of Omm Sety’s Egypt) This is the consummate work on the End Times. Something more urgently important than terrorism or warfare is looming on the horizon. It is 2012. Global warming and natural disasters are linked to this date. Old Testament prophets foresaw this date as an End Time cataclysm where a third of the Earth will perish. Modern religionists believe it is the coming day of rapture. Ancient civilizations left irrefutable messages in stone and legend that the Earth itself will make a dimensional shift. Earth’s magnetic tetrahedrons are being energized as never before in anticipation of her prophesied 2012 appointment with destiny. Many cycles of time expire in 2012. Why? The research within the covers of this book will open your eyes even as ours were opened. In appears humans have been handed one roadmap through ancient prophets that leads to the end of the human race. This book unlocks the secret for hundreds of millions of people who know that many are called, but few choose. The authors have assembled the finest proof in the universe to empower human beings for a collective choice. We have the power to choose a different future for the universe. Can we actually walk away from Armageddon and become the star explorers we were meant to be?

Each volume of The Ark of Millions of Years is the perfection of the previous volume and each volume is the sequel of the previous book.  Therefore, in order to fully understand our writings, they need to be read in proper order.

Both Volumes One and Two have recently undergone revisions to correct minor errors in edits and a few errors in text.  Additional text was added to Volume Two.  All three books now have their front cover design on their spines.  This will help to readily identify the books when shelved.  Again, the reference chapter in Volume One, The Beginning, will serve this book as well.

Volume Three of the trilogy will be the last book of the series mainly because having written three books on the birth and ultimate destiny of our earth; our knowledge on the subject is now exhausted.

Our main concern is 2012 as it looms on the not so distant horizon.  It should become our main focus world-wide with terrorism and warfare taking a secondary position.  Because time is of the essence, we are asking our readers to spread the message of these books to friends and to various organizations that they may belong.  If so desired, your authors will even come to groups to speak and present a power point program on our findings as presented in these books.  Arrangements can be made through the information found on the back cover.

The first chapter is exceedingly long however we didn’t want to break it down into smaller chapters and in the process break the train of thought; therefore we recommend when tired to simply bookmark it and return later.

For the most part, the first two books of the trilogy have received a warm reception.  It is too early to determine the impact Volume Three will have on its readers.  However, if history repeats itself as they say it does, your authors will be likened to Noah who once preached a flood was coming upon deaf ears whereon only a few were saved; this time it is a global cataclysm. 

We are living in “the best of times,” in “the worst of times,” and in the End Times.  Take warning from this book and “Prepare” both spiritually and temporally while you can, for the prophesied End Times are at hand.  You alone will determine your destiny and perhaps the destiny of your family members.


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