Pull Up A Chair, Let's Talk
Pull Up A Chair, Let's Talk
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Pull Up a Chair, Let’s Talk…


Pull Up a Chair, Let’s Talk…Is about life itself. I write about things from a woman’s point of view. I also write about things that I have seen, been through, and felt, at the time of putting my poems  in power, print, and voice. An idea would come to me and I would immediately  jot it down without putting the idea off or waiting too long. There is nothing make believe, made up, or imaginary about my work. I like to keep real as it happens. Life isn’t easy so that’s why I write about it . The  things that I say could uplift any person or put a smile on their face that they’ve been putting off through depression.


Pull Up a Chair, Let’s Talk was a joy for me to write and I hope one of my poems would bring joy to someone’s life. What inspired me to write was my Father for always being there for me, a Lady named Debra Kay for her encouraging words to me that are priceless, and my Favorite actress Mo’Nique who one day I would love to meet.


Without further ado first & foremost I Thank God! All day,  everyday for giving the hidden talent I did not know I had until I started to have problems myself. My favorite subject is English.


P.S. I did say Mo’Nique the actress. I hope that I had said enough, no too much or not too little.


This concludes the reason for Pull Up a Chair, Let’s Talk…


Ms. Mary Dorian Marshall

Who U Know

It'z not what u kno it'z who u kno. My "GOD" iz Awsum, Wondaful, & Worthy 2 B Praised & He shouldn't b misundastood. It'z not what u kno it'z who u kno. I kno he luvs me so. My GOD sitz hi & loukz lo, he luvz all of us veri so. It'z not what cha know it'z who u kno. Jus keep believing n him " GOD" & he'll neva let u go. It'z not what u kno it'z who u kno. I know sum tymez it seems so very hard 2 do, but b patient & wait, He's not late & When u get it CONGRATULATE! Don't keep it a secret go ot & tell sumbodi else da joy that " GOD" haz given u.... Well it'z tyme 4 me 2 go, jus always rememba it'z not what cha kno it'z who u kno!




Big Girls R Lovely Too

I*we can do tha same thang

skinny girls can do, only better.

Big girls r lovely too.

I'm light on my feet &

Oh, so cuddly & sweet.

Don't hate what's the hap

I'm put n big girls on tha map.

Do what cha do, big girls stay

true 2 u; continue to do what cha do.

No matter what people say, dhey gone talk anyway.

Whether good r bad happy r sad, do what cha do, Kause big girls r lovely Too!

My name is Ms. Mary Dorian Marshall. I’m 30 years old with no kids. I’ve been writing poetry since 1998.The things that I write about are true, things that I’ve been through , and things that I’ve seen. I love poetry. Some of my poems are up lifting and encouraging. I’m a High School Graduate of Continental Academy. I’ve completed Tulsa Job Corp and American Security Officers Academy. I love to write poetry, dancing, doing splits and dropping it like it’s hot! I love to shoot pool, cook, clean and bowling. I’m a fun person to be around and I enjoy making people laugh! I have mustard seed  faith in God!

This book will be dedicated to my sister and my mother R. I. P. with lots of love and to my Father for always being there. Basically/Mainly that’s it for now. I believe in God that Pull Up A Chair, Let's Talk  will do well because it’s coming from a woman with a heart that’s bigger than Texas, speaking of Texas I was born and raised in Fifth Ward Houston, Texas.


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