Thistle For A Flower
Thistle For A Flower
trusting in the dark
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Many people go through very difficult times in life. The author documents the journey through his dark night of the soul. The poetry paints vivid word pictures with brutally honest feelings about what he is experiencing. He does not pretend to be something he is not. He merely writes from the darkness as he struggles to find the light. As the book progresses, the light at the end of the tunnel becomes apparent. He becomes, in fact, what he always thought he was in theory. This book is not a light read, but it is very easy to read.


as I have waited for You to send the Calvary

I can only imagine what You think of me

watching as I stumble around

hoping something worthwhile can be found

now I know I have much potential for Your glory

but the tale of my story

has thrown me all out of whack

crippled from the attack

although here at the foot of the Cross

praying You have a merciful clause

so all Your efforts for me will not be in vain

and somehow my loss will be to Your gain

I just need You to cauterize the wound

otherwise I fear the doom

or that my prayers Your ear merely trashes

but I have been through too many rites of passage

faced too many foes

so my hackles rose

nevertheless, I just froze

unable to move

or my faith to prove


instead of trying

sitting instead of standing

leaning on my own understanding

which is why I must be a disappointment

and why You refuse me any healing ointment


This is Stan's eighth book of poetry printed. He uses his theology degree and life situations to write poetry. He loves to take the deep things of life and paint word pictures in simple language. He takes common experiences and writes about what many have gone through but do not know how to put into words. He and his wife Deb live in Minneapolis.

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