Despues Llegara La Calma
Despues Llegara La Calma
Perfect Bound Softcover
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My dear readers my book is about a never ending story where the main point is the formation of the new generations of beings of all species and classes ready to love and being loved adining the old to the new and so on.

The book is about problems and problems which need to be solved from every angle,I know you will like it. I just give you an advice; Don't be afraid inted be a responsable problem solver.

My so beloved people. I want to tell you that I was born in Santo Domingo,Republica Dominicana and since I was born I had have the gift to asume in my own words  what the others as well as me thinks about the problems which every moment we have to deal with. I consider myself humble or at last I have learned to be so.

I have a social degree in sciences and if you want to know more about me please buy the book that is in spanish and english. With all the respect you deserve your friend: Gleyder.

I invite you to a travel in the time where you will find magic in every place you see and feel from the stories you will have the oportunity to read in the book. Please buy the book and let me gain some money to continue writing you and directing you into the path of love and grace that I pretend to show you.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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