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Transplant is the story of the authors battle with liver failure resulting from a lifelong infection with Hepatitis "C". It chronicles the beginning symptoms of liver failure, worsening health, further debilitation, and ultimately a life renewed. Written by a layman for laymen, Transplant focuses on the authors personal experiences and how they affected those around him. It is a must read for anyone finding themselves or a loved one trying to cope with the devastating effects of liver disease.

...I had a condition common in end stage liver patients called encepholopathy. This is a condition caused by the liver's reduced ability to eliminate toxins from the body, causing elevated ammonia levels. Symptoms include shaky hands, memory loss, confusion, inability to concentrate,poor eye focusing,coma, and probably others I can't recall. A very serious condition not to be taken lightly. Dr Reily was surprised I was still working full time, appparently someone with a case as advanced as mine isn't typically able to work. I mentioned I really didn't have a choice because we needed the money. What the hell else was I supposed to do?

 Gregory Hart has had stories published by the Midsouth Transplant Foundation, Northern IL Jeep Alliance, and holds the copyright to several music compositions. Currently employed as a mechanic, he has also worked as a truckdriver, salesman, factory worker, and part time professional musician. His hobbies include off-roading, gardening, golf, and he does volunteer work for the Midsouth Transplant Foundation and the American Legion. Originally from the Chicago area, he and his wife Julie currently makes their home in West Memphis, Arkansas. 


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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