Beyond Your Senses
Beyond Your Senses
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Beyond your senses gives an in-depth understanding of Christian faith

what happens to you when you die? is it true that heaven and hell exist? Is  Jesus  Christ  real? who is He?  What is trinity?

God plan about salvation of human race.

Who is Satan? How does he operate?

What is the cause of our afflictions or sufferings  today?

What is the role of Holy Spirit?

Is there a solution  to the problems we encounter in our indivudual lives?

A book you should get for your loved ones to share the love of Jesus Christ.

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The contents are  as follows:  Life without God  talks about the purpose you are created for, the judgement after death and the most hard hearted man can be changed. The second chapter talks about  the fact that God is real with evidence and in what form does He exist?. The book explained the Trinity for those that do not understand why God existed in three forms but yet same.

The other topics include heaven and hell what happens to you when you die? What is salvation and why are we talking about the fact that you should give your life to Christ?  and the fact that God is interested in solving your problems and lots more.

This book was put  together by Dr felix Orefuwa, a practising medical doctor.He is a member of  the Redeem Christian Church of God . He was a member of the executive of  former Ogun State Univerity Christian Medical Fellowship Sagamu in Nigeria, West Africa (OVCMF) in 1995/96. He has been a useful vessel in sharing the word among Christian gatherings. He is married to Dr Olusola Orefuwa.


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