Alone on an Island
Alone on an Island
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Whaler’s Island is located off the coast of Cape Cod and to the east of the island of Nantucket.  Whaler’s Island is a vacationer’s paradise and the summer home to many famous people.  When a category three hurricane threatens the island, the locals take steps to prepare for the massive storm.  While preparations are underway, a fire breaks out in a popular restaurant in the downtown section of this historic whaling island.  Will the fire chief, Charlie Williams, be able to rally his troops to save the town, or will the devastating headwinds of the hurricane be too much for this small fire department to overcome?  Will the town burn to the ground before the rain from the hurricane arrives?  Will the storm-surge of the hurricane nullify the fire department’s efforts?  Will all of Williams’s firefighters make it out alive?  Will the island be able to recover economically from such a devastating ordeal, or will it need to be abandoned and left as a memory of the past?  The clock is running and there’s not much time to act…. 

The school was a beehive of activity.  Cots were being set up in the gym and the freezers and refrigerators were being stocked with food.  Coffee pots were plugged in and bottled water was being stacked in the corner.  There was definite excitement in the air.  Not only was the pending storm adding to the excitement, many of the islanders were looking forward to spending a night in the shelter.  They looked at it as a community sleep over.  Friends would get together and chat and sing songs until all hours of the night.  Food was plentiful, and the kids enjoyed their freedom in roaming the school’s hallways.  No disaster had ever been that serious and the use of the shelter was not something to be feared.  In a way, the atmosphere was similar to the community square dance held every summer at the park.  No one really believed anything too bad would come from the storm.  Perhaps some broken limbs, downed power lines, and a few uprooted trees.

Arlene finished dropping off the food at the school.  She got talking to her friends and the time slipped away.  Dave Carter, one of the volunteers who ran the shelter gave her a nudge “Hey, Mama, the storm is getting closer and closer. If you want to make another trip you better get a move on.”

This is William's first book in print.  He became interested in writing a book while pursuing his graduate degree.  He has more than 27 years of experience in the field of public safety - including time as a volunteer firefighter and a full-time 911 dispatcher.  He has his master's degree in history, his bachelor's degree in public safety, and his associate's degree in business.  He lives on Cape Cod, Massachusetts with his wife and two children.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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