Born and Not Wanted
Born and Not Wanted
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Imagine a mixed-race child born into a rich white family in the late 1800s, raised by her white grandparents, then thrust into a poor black world at 17 to make a life for herself. Laura Veasey Williams unravels a devastating yet uplifting true family history in Born and Not Wanted (published by AuthorHouse).

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Laura Veasey Williams is a native of Dickinson, Texas, a small town on the outskirts of Houston. She received a bachelor’s degree in music education from Wiley College and a master’s of education degree in counseling and guidance from Prairie View A&M University. She has taught in the public schools for 42 years. Born and Not Wanted, Williams’ first book, was prompted by the conversations she had with her mother. Written some 20 years ago, it has now come to publication. She has also published a musical ballad and two children’s songs.

            Williams played for her church choir until she left for college, and music has been a motivating force in her life ever since. Before becoming a counselor, she taught music, science and career education. She also worked with the Youth Assistance Program at Texas Southern University. The program helped children with reading deficiencies.

            Williams has flunked retirement twice, first in 2000, then again in 2002. Currently a high school counselor, she loves giving young people guidance and encouragement. She plans to continue writing after her next retirement.

            Her son, Dr. A. Kirk Williams and daughter-in-law, Dr. Margaret Lang-Williams, have give her four precious grandsons, Kirk, Austin, Alexander and Adam.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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