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Poetry sings to life everyday experiences.  Each of us has a memory, a feeling, an epiphany, a lesson learned, even a broken heart. Few of us hold onto these experiences long enough to translate them into words.  We try to hurry pass their discomfort, disappointment, or regrettable truth.  In Passionate: A Collection of Poetry, Jonson pulls each of her experiences into a moment that is defined, felt and reincarnated for the reader's perception.  Most importantly, Passionate:  A Collection of Poetry is an approach to share these moments so that they will never be lost.  Just as life changes from day to day, each poem is a new vision, a new emotion, a new experience that will be wrapped tightly and shared...passionately.



The pillows fly and the sheets tangle in between

This tangle of pleasure is a vivid scene

When love explodes and passions take control

Nothing matters and every motion is bold

Shy timid lover take me and lie me down

Undress me with your eyes from foot to crown

Carefully plot your course against my skin

Leave me curious and surprised when you begin

Let love for your tender lady back burner here

And let the lust for your hot woman moisten and sear!

I'm ready to be yours in any way you choose

Let inhibitions be thoughtless, trivial, ruse

Deeply, with intension and forceful rhythmic motion

Allow me to scream as you delve into my ocean.

Close your eyes so you can feel the depths of my emotion.

Release your spirit, tremble and glide with the flow

Lie with me as I cherish the delicious afterglow.




I lay still, stock-still

As I glanced towards the light in the window sill

I heard him say I see his head

As the nurse held my hand beside the bed

A slap, a smack, and then a scream

As if I was in someone else's dream

Suddenly they came in

Faces blank, cold and sullen

You've made the right choice,

            I heard one say

As they took him and turned away

I never saw him – my precious baby boy

Not even given the chance to share my joy

Maybe it's best but I'd still like to see

If when he smiles he looks like me

I let him go because I loved him and wanted the best

And each and every day my love is no less

Chantel A. Jonson attended Florida A&M University. She currently resides in Jacksonville, FL with her husband and  their  two children. She has written poetry since she was a teenager.  Through her observation and experiences of the various facets of love, this book was born.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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