The Rendezvous
The Rendezvous
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"The Rendezvous" is a fictional gay romance between two men of diverse backgrounds (one a bank official and the other a supermarket checkout operator). Set in a provincial English city in Blair's Britain, it charts the progress of the men's affair and provides a microcosm of gay life in the U.K. in the first years of the 21st century. It contains both pathos and humour as the friendship between the two men evolves into a loving gay relationship.


David shifted his position, "why do they have to make these chairs so bloody uncomfortable" he muttered to himself. He had come to the corner cafe to meet Jonathon and Jonathon was late. After looking into his dwindling cup of coffee, he surveyed the scene around him.  In one corner of the room an old man sat reading his newspaper, in another, two women sat gossiping, quite oblivious of everything that was going on around them. At the counter stood the looming bulk of the cafe proprietor, with huge arms and legs he resembled a sumo wrestler.

At 32 David considered himself still quite a catch, he was proud to be gay of course and had come out to family and friends some years before. Despite this, he felt incredibly lonely at times and after playing the field for some years now, he was looking to settle down with the right guy. David had worked for the supermarket chain BETTERCHOICE for about three years and had recently re-trained as a checkout operator, although he relished the challenge, he remained a little apprehensive about his new role within the company. The same could be said about his anticipated meeting with Jonathon, he was nervous and scanned the windows of the cafe, eagerly awaiting the sight of his new boyfriend. It had all seemed so different the previous night...........

Kevin Glanville was born at Plymouth in Devon on 24 February 1953. The son of a Devonport Dockyard worker, I was educated at a local secondary school before joining the Civil Service in 1970. I accepted early retirement in 1997 and began writing short stories as a hobby - "The Rendezvous" is my first novel. I currently live with Steve, my partner of 10 years, in a market town in rural Devon.   

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