The Cuban Connection
The Cuban Connection
Perfect Bound Softcover
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It’s New Year’s Eve 1958, and Fidel Castro has mobilized his forces for the long-awaited overthrow of the Cuban government, precipitating a chain of events that will alter an eight-year-old boy’s life forever. Being the son of one of the richest men in Cuba, young Miguel Fuentes has lived a life of unrivaled luxury. Shortly after midnight, his ideal world is shattered and he is eventually taken off the island to the perceived safety of the United States. Twenty years later, the young boy resurfaces as a deadly assassin for hire, known only as “El Niño,” whose mercenary services are doled out to the highest bidder.

Lance Almond, a loner, is a deep-cover CIA agent who prefers to work solo, and has “eliminated” more targets than he cares to remember. When recruited for his next assignment by the director himself, he suddenly realizes that it will be one of the deadliest challenges of his career. Not only that, he is informed that he will not be doing the job alone.

Kate Beckett is an up-and-coming star in the New York field office of the FBI, determined to break the glass ceiling imposed on her by a male-dominated law enforcement agency.  She doesn’t care who she has to work with, as long as she gets promoted to a field office of her own. Or does she?         Find out if the two agents will be able to work together to foil one of the most sinister assassination plots ever conceived in this fast-paced storyline filled with intriguing plot twists that keeps the reader guessing to the very end.


Father O’Reilly looked into some of the children’s eyes. He saw the usual looks of curiosity, fear of the unknown, and hopefulness for something better. One boy in particular, though, caught his trained eye. He looked to be eight to ten years old, but there was something peculiar about him. What was it? he thought. As his eyes met the young boy’s, it hit him. The boy had the most cold, piercing eyes he had ever seen. They were two brownish-black holes, the pupils imperceptible to the human eye. It was as if they could look right through you, with a devilishness to them that actually made him shudder. His last thought as he slowly turned his gaze away from the boy was that he had just been eye-to-eye with the devil himself.




Kevin Surface is a graduate of Indiana University at Indianapolis. He is a businessman, avid golfer and voracious reader. His interest and passion for reading fiction led him to pursue a burning desire to fulfill a dream of writing his own book. This is his first novel.


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