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Poetica Erotica
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Harper's Poetica Erotica integrates the beauty of sensuality with romance, love, spirituality, and sometimes humor through poetry and poetic verse. This book was written to be appreciated by the individual and used by couples who want to celebrate, enhance, and excite their love and sensuality. Poetica Erotica was also written to improve sexuality in marriage or any close, intimate relationship, while making each adult feel more comfortable and free with his or her sensuality and sexuality. Examples of titles from Poetica Erotica include “Musical Hands of a Plumbing Surgeon,” “In Search of Clitorina,” “Thong Girl,” “Touch Me, Will You,” “Sacred Thighs,” “Wondering How It Would Be,” “Sappho’s Fantasy,” “Nude Dancing in the Dark,” “Ode to Pregnant Woman,” “Ode to a Full-Figured Lady,” “David and Bathsheba,” “Ode to a Fine Phat Ass,” “Spread My Orchid to Bloom,” “Sexual Choice; Sexual Risk,” and “First Time in A Wedding Gown.”

Orgasmic Rose


And he spoke to his lady love anew:


Let me cleanse you with spring

Water from the highest glacier mountain,

And sooth your skin with the finest oil—

To then kiss you over and there;

To touch your spasms so pulsating

Within my arms and warm touch.

And she responded in kind:


Let me come with you and you with and into me;

Allow me to pop your sensual soul as a

Cork’s explosive thrust from a champagne bottle—

To bubble you in sensation all over from

Head to toes and fingertips galore—

To spurt you within me to the tip of my sensual soul

As a sprouting rose in bloom.


Nude Dancing in the Dark


Let’s turn off the lights and be open to ourselves;

Toasting champagne in the dark—in the bare;

Not a sock or head piece or more to cover our innocence

For this romance and special moment to celebrate a

Commitment of our love to date and for days to come;

Maybe a flower in your hair to glorify your natural beauty,

As you sip your last drink and stand your body to mine to feel

The heat of each other and then to touch the warmth of

Ourselves to the flesh of the other—feeling our most

Sensuous parts from head, to chest, to pelvis, to thighs.


Listen and feel the softness of the music to move

Our bodies in rhythmic synch to the touch of each other—

Oh, so slowly dancing to the touch;

Motion we must to a slow friction of heat’s fire

To come but not rushed too soon;

Let darkness shout out all the distractions of our sensual

Attraction to each other’s being, and allow music to be

The lone vibration that drives our sensual flow as one.


Embrace and inhale the scent of our presence,

And taste the honey of our kisses so as to light a

Fire from our sensuous touch of lips;

Listen and feel the moment; savor its pleasure as we

Anticipate, without urgency, the ultimate oneness of

Love’s motion and driving pleasure.


Musical Hands of a PLumbing Surgeon

Frederick Douglas Harper has authored more than 500 published poems. Poetica Erotica is his seventh poem book. His other poem books are Spiritual Teacher Speaks (2005), Poems on Love and Life (1985, 2004), Poems for Young People (2004), Love Poems of Frederick Douglas Harper (2003), God’s Gifts: Spiritual Writings (2003), and Romantica: On Peace and Romance (1988). Dr. Harper views himself as a missionary poet whose work is intended to provide inspirational, educational, therapeutic, and spiritual benefits for the reader. An international scholar, educational leader, and professor, Harper has authored a total of 15 books, including college textbooks. Furthermore, he has served as Editor of three major scholarly journals. Harper’s poems have been read on WPFW Radio, 89.3, in Washington, DC by Nap Turner for more than 15 years, alongside the poetry of the famous Langston Hughes, and his books have sold worldwide. Moreover, his poetry on love and spirituality has been compared with the great works of Khalil Gibran and Rumi. Harper has presented public speeches and lectures at more than 200 conferences, universities, churches, luncheons, and banquets throughout the USA and in other countries.


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