Shall I Take A Torch?
Shall I Take A Torch?
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Shall I Take A Torch? is an exploration of A B Simpson’s lifetime experience of Paranormal phenomena.  The work puts anecdotal evidence into context of the wider and greater questions of creation, and what passes afterwards.  Healing, sleep and dreams as well as nature are treated to a unique perspective.


Not being clairvoyant or clairaudient himself, the author in his own basic way has tried to come to some understanding on how these gifts of the spirit manifest themselves and what might be their greater purpose.


From an early age he became aware of the fact that he had been blessed with a clairvoyant mother with the gift of healing.  Over the intervening years he has sort to form his own views on the subject of the Paranormal and the mystery of the essence of life itself.  Asking questions initially like “Where do we go from here I wonder” and “Is there really a continuity to life”? 


The book provides food for thought on this most fascinating of all subjects.


To begin at the beginning, as the famous Welsh poet Dylan Thomas once said, but unfortunately for us, with regard to this subject, when was that?  How and when did the first spark of potential human life arrive on this earth and ultimately produce what we see each day reflected in the mirror, mortal man and how mortal.


What can be said at this moment in time, we don’t need a lesson in biology to show us how to procreate.  After the primary union, what then, where does mankind’s wisdom fit into the amazing process of human reproduction?  The nine month wait, that produces in the vast majority of cases, a perfectly formed little human, replicated as it is thousands of times every day all over the world.


During the pregnancy though, the growth and development of the unborn child is seemingly beyond our control.  Assistance is given with ever-increasing medical knowledge and wonderful natal care, but during the confinement, from beginning to end, the parents experience a sense of helplessness.  Whether one is religious or not, surely in most cases, a little prayer is aimed at someone, somewhere, for a safe and healthy delivery for mother and child.


Proud parents looking down at their new arrival and congratulating themselves on a job well done, may conclude what a wonderful thing genes are.  Surely there is more to this creative process.  What else can be involved?

A B Simpson, now in the latter years of his life, enjoys every day that passes, with some, as he says, being better than others. 


He is proud to have a caring wife and family with only the grandchildren causing the trouble!


As a supporter of Premiership Football Club Watford and the Middlesex County Cricket Club, he claims his attempts to inspire them keep him alert for twelve months of the year.


Shall I Take a Torch? is his shot at making a small literary contribution to the great library of life.   He hopes it is somewhere near the target.


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