Warrior Princess
Warrior Princess
The Erotic Fantasy Photography of Michael Alan Grapin
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This is a book of black and white photographs.
The author mentions that the inspiration for this particular book came from the Fantasy Genre within popular culture.  The images are inspired by the classic Fantasy Illustrations of such luminaries as Frank Frazetta, Boris Vallejo and Clyde Caldwell; Comic Books, such as Vampirella and Wonder Woman; Television shows like Xena Warrior Princess; And the proliferation of historic and fantasy reenactment groups.  It helps that the author is an avid collector of prop weapons and armor.  He's even acquired actual film used props from movies like First Knight, TV shows like Xena Warrior Princess and many reproductions from the likes of the Fellowship of the Ring series...many of these props are worn and weilded by the models in the book.  In addition to the Warrior Princesses and Comic Book Heroines, you may find several characters that inhabit the worlds of fantasy.  A Faerie, a vampire or two, sucubi, dancing girls, concubines and slave girls...many creatures to tickle your imagination.
This book is intended for mature audiences.
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The Author was born September 2, 1955 in Jersey City, New Jersey.  He exhibited an interest in photography going back to his first experience with a Kodak Instimatic Camera at age eight.  As a photographer, Michael Grapin is mostly self taught.  What little formal training he had came in the form of Glamour Photography Workshops in which photographers were given minimal instruction in lighting, composition and model interaction.  Through trial and error, Grapin discovered lighting techniques that worked for him as well as a love for props and elaborate scenarios.  In the last decade, Grapin's photographs have often been compared to movie stills for their story telling quality.  He comes at the composition with the eye of an illustrator and often packs his scenes with details that are meant to convey a theme.  Models often find the experience of working with Michael Grapin to be light hearted.  He's playful and wants the images to be amusing and even somewhat silly...it's all about fun.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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