Being and Becoming
Being and Becoming
In Search of a Positive World
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Experience the journey of a lifetime in search of a positive world and the ‘Super You’ in this rollercoaster ride of self discovery.

Being & Becoming is based on the question, 'What motivates man to live?' it asks us to explore and appreciate our own unique life, to identify what our deep motivation in life is and how we can stay self motivated to achieve our goals.  Be prepared to embark on an inner quest into how we can develop the 'Super You' through the choices we make, and how we can realise man's ultimate motivation in life.

On a deeper level it asks us to consider how responsible we are for the person we choose to be, the actions we take and the life we live. It's a journey in search of our very own soul and spirit, and the realisation of a positive and proactive way of life.  

Start your journey of self discovery today in this code for life.

Question: Why read this book and listen to me?

Hmm, good question.  Answer:  To make us really think about our life; what you want out of life; to help you realize that your dreams are possible; that you can become all that you can be; that you can discover the Super You; that you are part of the pattern and that we can do this together.

And for me, it gives me the opportunity to challenge your way of thinking by sharing my philosophy in life so that we can achieve the above through raising our psychological intelligence; by re-programming our mind, to change the subterranean landscape of our subconscious and conscious mind; to live by new paradigms (ways of thinking); to develop a winning mindset that gives us the foundation to realize our full potential. For example:

I could believe I was born with an incredible mindset because I was born lucky – I was born on Friday 7th (a lucky day and number), in a lucky month (I am a Leo – such an outgoing sign), born in 1970 (a nice lucky round number with 7 in the year). I grew up with two sets of parents, my birth parents and a couple next door who could have no children and treated me as their own. I received all the love, and more, to make me a well-grounded and secure individual. I was born by Liverpool, a fun loving and lucky place where the people have such a wonderful sense of humour, which is unsurpassed! Jung called Liverpool the 'pool of life'.

I believe, and have always believed, that I was destined to do great things and that I am special and so are you.

Ok let's stop there, am I lucky? Perhaps to some people and to others maybe not, it depends if you believe in luck. I believe that we make our own luck through the choices and actions we take. I also believe there is a pattern we cannot escape but that we can shape.

In life the choices we make will shape our life and the mindset we have will determine our future or present new states.

And I also believe that life shapes and conditions us in so many ways that our destiny is part of the pattern.

A Date with Destiny

In 1989 I was astounded by what I can only call an incredible fate. It was a fate that I had surely felt nothing like before and have felt nothing like it since. On the 15th April we awoke after a night out in Sheffield and it was Semi-Final day in the FA Cup at Hillsborough. We had been the year before when we played and beat Nottingham Forest, and I had sat in the stand behind the goal in Leppings Lane.

This year we had tickets for the Leppings Lane terrace.

I remember taking a brisk walk that morning in the local park thinking how fresh and good life can be. After a few drinks we headed for the match and all I could think about was my awful hangover from the night before. When we got to the ground it was a similar sight to most big matches with large crowds outside the ground, a lack of police and a bit of pushing and shoving to get in the ground.

Tragically, Hillsborough turned into one of football’s worst disasters. I remember getting there around 2:40pm, my friend and I getting nowhere as the crowd moved back and forwards outside the ground.

We’re on the march with Kenny’s army, we are all going to Wembley and we’ll really shake you up when we win the FA Cup cause Liverpool are the greatest football team.’  Everyone was happy and singing.

I could remember seeing only one policeman on a horse and we dived under the horse to get in the ground within seconds. We darted down what was to become the tunnel of death and could barely see the pitch at three minutes to three. We tried to push in, but to no avail; my hangover was awful, I felt sick. So I suggested to my friend that we go round the other side - the only way you would ever have known there was another side was if you had been there the year before. At two minutes to three, the gate collapsed, letting in hundreds of Liverpool fans who ran down that tunnel of death. The rest is history.  We watched from the terrace as fans were being crushed to death at the fencing at the front by the pitch. And more people died in that tunnel.  We had escaped by less than a minute.

I remember being lifted up in the stands and watching the horror from above. We watched as a fan was carried to the side of the pitch and they started to give him the kiss of life. I felt cold….


Paul Corke is a successful life and business coach. He has worked for Barclaycard, Halifax, and Bank of Scotland in various sales, training and leadership development roles. Paul specialises in self development, coaching, leadership, human dynamics and psychological intelligence.

Paul has a passion for life and shares his vision within Being & Becoming on how we can tap in to our 'Super Self' by reprogramming our mind to change our internal landscape and therefore define who we choose to be.



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