How to become a Super-Successful entrepreneur
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Success and Super-Success is a self-help book dedicated to showing you how to achieve entrepreneurial success; entrepreneurial success that could ultimately give you all the things that you want in life.


The success of famous serial entrepreneurs are analysed to establish exactly what they do to achieve success and how they do it.


Eight essential activities are identified that are key to success and from this a universal methodology emerges.


The eight activities and the methodology are explained using a simple eight step cyclic model. This model is the key to achieving success and super-success all you need to add to become a super-successful entrepreneur are three further ingredients;


q       AN IDEA


q       HARD WORK.



This 8 STEP SUCCESS CYCLE is the key to understanding and achieving success and super-success. This cycle encompasses the whole world of entrepreneurial business management and comprehensively defines the areas in which you must operate if you wish to be a successful entrepreneur.


When applying this success cycle, it is important to understand that there are two key aspects of the steps that must be mastered if you are to be successful.


Firstly, each step requires an objective or series of objectives to be achieved for success to be possible. These are the step objectives and are the ultimate reason for taking this particular step. Until these objectives have been reached or fulfilled you cannot move to the next step. To move to the next step before you have achieved your current step objectives can put the whole success cycle in danger.


Once you are at or near to achieving your step objectives, the second key aspect becomes important and that is the Step Change Process. Success is cyclic. Therefore, in order to be successful you must achieve and maintain positive movement from step to step in a clock-wise direction.


Many aspiring business entrepreneurs are unsuccessful simply because they never manage to move on to the next step of the cycle. People become stuck in the particular step that they are in and then, either stay there forever or fall off the cycle completely.


The following eight chapters all have a similar format. There is one chapter for each step in the cycle. Each chapter opens with the step aims and objectives being clearly identified and then skills and processes are described and explained to achieve these.


Case studies and exercises that enable you to practice and reinforce this learning are offered to you in PART II. This is the practical section at the end of the book. These case studies and exercises have been designed to guide and enhance your learning and understanding of the processes. Each chapter closes with a section on Moving On to the next step. In this final section we will address timing and techniques for making each successive step change until you reach your final destination of success.


To achieve your desired success and super-success you will require a whole spectrum of generic management skills to achieve your objectives in each of these steps. Any additional skills specific to a particular step are stated, introduced and explained. If appropriate, these skills are demonstrated by example and learning reinforced with the use of the practical applications suggested in Part II.


By the end of chapter 9 you should have all you need to take yourself and your business around the Entrepreneurial Business Success Cycle as often as you wish.





Peter has forty years experience in management and consultancy, a master’s degree from Brunel University and extensive coaching experience in; management communications, negotiating, decision-making and interpersonal skills.  He possesses a rare combination of business and academic expertise that he shares with the readers in this book on the super-success of serial-entrepreneurs.


Peter possesses a wealth of knowledge about the super-successful entrepreneurs of the twenty first century. Using accounts of their own success, he has been able to distill from these entrepreneurs the key activities for success. From these activities he has created a methodology that replicates exactly how serial-entrepreneurs achieve their super-success.


This is a universal methodology that can be used by anyone to become a super-successful entrepreneur.




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