Find Them, Keep Them, Marry Them.
Find Them, Keep Them, Marry Them.
A no-nonsense approach for all relationships that gets straight to the point by asking the right questions on how to find, keep, and marry your soul ideal mate
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Did you just meet them? Have you been with them for quite some time? Are you within months or weeks away from exchanging nuptials? Not in a relationship at all?


Are you tired of going through the same ups and downs with each new partner? I always thought that roller coasters were only fun when you're in an amusement park. You should be dizzy by now with the roller coasters you've been on from your past relationships.


Finally, here is a book that "caters to the cowards" that have allowed so much drama in their life with each new relationship because they've been too afraid to confront the real important issues.


Stop and read this book. No, I don't mean now, I mean RIGHT NOW!


Haven't you been waiting for a book that has fresh new insight for today's relationships infused with some good old fashioned common sense? Let's "keep it real," shall we. You've read all of the other books by noted men and women with several PhD's. They've all been very inspirational and quite helpful.


However, how confrontational have they been? They basically set you up to read their books hoping you would schedule a $200 dollar an hour session with a local therapist which may have still resulted in a breakup and an empty wallet.


What if you could just nip all of the anxiety pangs in the bud with just one book?


This is the last book on relationships you'll ever need. Not only does it ask some serious questions, it also provides you with hardcore advice. It will be up to you to take the advice and apply it with purposeful intent. I also recommend you go over each exercise offered at the end of each segment with your significant other to use as a means of personal growth.


The ultimate goal is to save you money, effort, time in therapy, and an unexpected trip to the nut house while finding out how to Find Them, Keep Them, and Marry Them.

PURPOSE / GOALS OF THE BOOK: •Offer singles and couples a handbook that will directly and confidently address the dilemmas, qualms, issues, situations, and circumstances that exists in relationships. •Have the reader re-evaluate themselves and what they are looking for in a mate by helping them restructure their thinking and their approach as early as the search process. •Walk them through the dating stages and prepare them for the "ultimate" commitment. •Provide them with hardcore advice that will assist them in receiving detailed information about their significant other which will essentially help develop quality relationships. •Assist them in asking the more important questions that are often neglected due to inward fears, personal reservations, external and internal pressures, or simply sheer ignorance. •Give them a true perspective of what it takes to be in a committed relationship and the reality of the choices and decisions they will make both now and in years to come. •Provide them with exercises at the end of each section to go over with each other and used for practical and life application as they pertain to the topic within that section. Log onto or to read the full table of contents and free excerpts. If you are a member of book club, church group, or singles gathering, you will receive a 40% discount on all book orders of any quantity by calling the toll free number: 1.888.280.7715 All media outlets can request a promo copy.
M.E. Lindsey was born and raised in the Bronx, NY in the 70's and 80's. Lindsey states, "I grew up in a period when the world still made sense. There seemed to be genuine love left from people to people and person to person. People knew who they were getting involved with because they took their time. You don't see that anymore these days." He claims that as technology increases the sensitivity of man decreases. "We are so dependent on modes, methods, and mediums; that we are losing the ability to relate to each other on a human level. We'd rather call someone on a cell phone or send them an email or text rather than meet them in person. We let the internet do all the work for us." Lindsey, who is a husband and father of two wonderful children says that if it had not been for positive confrontation and open communication, his relationship with his wife (of 14 years) may not have lasted. Lindsey who believes in and teaches the principles of Christianity, is disturbed by the misinformation that exists in society where people are just getting married without being properly prepared with the tools needed to have successful relationships. He classifies his book more so as question and advice rather than question and answer. "Giving them my own advice and personal opinion is no different than a psychotherapist giving them a hypothesis which is simply defined as an educated guess. Even though this book is loaded with questions, I didn't answer anything for the two people in the relationship. It will be up to them to answer the questions."

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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