Last Train to Midnight
Last Train to Midnight
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Midnight Seyle is a Private Investigator who is down on his luck until a face from his past offers him a job he can't refuse.

Investigating a simple matter of infidelity Midnight finds himself in a more complicated matter of extortion, murder and revenge, in places he didn't want to go, meeting people he didn't want to see.

Beautiful women with troubled histories, cold blooded killers and a matriarchal mastermind compete for power and money across continents.

The race is on as disparate people find their way into Midnight's world and only he is chasing them all.


A rogue pinhead width ray of bright, untamed sunlight pierced the tiniest gap in the heavy curtains that hung across the dirty window, and reached, like a laser in its accuracy, into the inner corner of my eye, the corner that always remains ever so slightly open, even in the deepest of slumbers.  I struggled to pull my eyelid up from its sticky haven and finally having done so jerked my head away to escape the torturous interrogation of the sun..  The sudden movement made my head swirl and a wave of nausea threatened, briefly, to overcome my feeling of fragility, but having recovered for a second or two I lay back down, gently resting my aching head and feeling the soft feather filled pillow mould itself around me.

            It was much later that a couple of irate tourists woke me next by shouting outside my partially opened window.  The curtains, thankfully, had stopped the beams of sun from entering further into my dark world of night, which I had hoped would last longer than it apparently had, and they now did neither allow the stale air to escape nor the fresh, clean air from outside to permeate through the room.

            The terrible thumping and aching in my head was no longer confined to that particular area, but seemingly it had spread to my neck, my shoulders, and my grumbling stomach, which begged for the sustenance I was too wary to

Alex Baldock left university in 1996 with an Honours degree and no idea of what to do.  He worked in retail and a bank, spent a year in Australia, found wine, fell in love, got married and through it all occasionally sat down and wrote or went out and played golf.

He lives with his gorgeous wife, Bonnie, in a Lincolnshire village.



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