Processing Life's Moments: Therapy for the Soul
Processing Life's Moments: Therapy for the Soul
God, I can hear YOU
Perfect Bound Softcover
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What some readers are saying about Processing Life’s Moments: “Hi Kennedy, I would like to say at this time in my life, reading your book has helped me take a look outside my problems to find true answers within myself through my own inner strength for my own well being. Your book has inspired me to not only seek God, but also draw closer to Faith. Thank you for writing a book that is not only an autobiography of your life, but is so easy to relate to. I have told many family and friends about your book and only hope that it helps them as much as it has helped me, this book is definitely “inspirational and encouraging reading!!! Congratulations and thank you”. Denise Lopez, Bronx NY “Dear Kennedy, This book is an amazing inspiration! Not only has it helped me come outside of myself and see things more truthfully, It has forced me to look within and ask myself do I relate to the characters in the book. And as much as I hate to admit, I do relate to some. Reading this book has helped me improve myself as well as my outlook on life. I now use it as a daily reference. Its great! I recommend it to everyone especially those in search of finding themselves”. Wendy, Millburn NJ “Dear Kennedy, after reading your book I feel for the first time in a long time there is hope in the world. I really appreciate the way in which you wrote Processing Life’s Moments. It gave me the clarity of which you spoke about so gracefully to see my own light. Thank you and keep writing”. David Weiss, Upstate NY “Dear Ms Williams, Thank you for NOT attacking me with your spiritual way of looking at life in Processing Life’s Moments. You have shown me a way to develop spiritually to hear God. Thank you! However, I must admit I had never heard of your book. But while looking online I noticed your book was listed with Their Eyes WereWatching God and Tuesdays withMorrie, two books that were Oprah Winfrey Book club favorites. Having read both books, I was interested in reading yours. I was not disappointed! Thank you”. Tony Summers, Queens NY “Dear Ms Williams Great! Fantastic! And needed, my name is Bernice and I just had to write to let you know I love this book, Love it! Why Oprah never chose this book for her book club? This book is not only a beautiful book to read, it is a book I refer back to on a daily basis. I must admit I did not buy the book, it was given to me to read by a friend and I just did not return it to the owner. However, I have since been buying it for others to read. God bless you for the help you have given me through this book”. Bernice “Dear Ms Williams I am 86 years old and love wisdom and reading good books. I read your book, Processing Life’s Moments: Therapy for the Soul and thought I was listening to my grandmother again. You write like an old woman who has been here before. I was just wandering, are you an old women? Thanks and God Bless you”. Ms Howse “Ms Williams, I just wanted to say thank you for writing such a good spiritual book. Processing Life’s Moments: Therapy for the Soul. My mother while sick kept your book by her bed and read pages every night before she passed. Thank you for a wonderful book and helpful book” Dianne, Albany NY About The Book Processing Life’s Moment: God I Can Hear You is a guide towards spiritual awareness of comfort. The understanding of the knowing, without a doubt God knew his plan and that his Will be done. From the cycles of life to death, this book touches us all. This book did not start out as a book. It began as just processed thoughts and answers written in my daily journal, while living my life in New York City. An experience which led me to an understanding, that if we want answers from God, we have to make a conscious decision not to allow our egos to answer the questions for Him. Instead, we must seek answers from our hearts, because it is here that our questions become Gods questions. It is a method, which I found, allows the mind the ability to rest and receive therapy for our souls. Because I was willing to seek Gods Will for my life, several people, with special stories, have shared their lives with me, in the hope that they can enlighten others. I have always been in search of truth. However, I came to realize that, when I thought I knew truth, truth had somehow changed to another definition, partly because I wanted to rearrange truth and not live it. Through the processing of my thoughts, a more peaceful, happy and more understanding person emerged. I was now in pace with myself. As a spiritual person, I have always sought a way of living a life with balance and understanding on how to connect with God. I feel that this book will reach directly into the seat of the soul of readers and fill them with peace, fulfillment and joy.

We live in a fascinating world. We have the opportunity to incorporate different souls with different experiences into our lives. Experiences that sometimes are very much similar to our own. Occurrences that we feel we can relate to. While writing “Processed Encounters,” I realized we sometimes take on a pattern of manifesting what is familiar rather than something new, and something new is what results in growth. Without experiencing the “new,” we cannot fully mature intellectually or spiritually.

In the previous chapter, my own soul awakened, which led me to examine my own path. At one time or another, I realized I had been left with "wanting to take the road more traveled." Still, I find that with my personality, I love being me far too much to stick with someone else’s unfolding.

Does that mean I am on the wrong path?

On the other hand, is it that I like feeling the freedom of being a singular spirit?

It is unthinkable to not continue our journey! What lies beyond the next curve in the road? Who will I meet? How will that meeting enrich my life? What will I experience next? How will it change me? Who can I help today? Who will help me? I have learned so much from my encounters with the countless numbers of people who have already entered my life, however fleetingly. I look forward, with eagerness, to those I will meet tomorrow.

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Every Act and Every Meeting is your gift to yourself. D. Kennedy Williams has always lived a life of knowing her internally connection to every being she encounters. Through her travels she’s encountered many souls dressed in bodies from various types of background. Souls who are living a life of struggle, unhappiness and forgiveness. From these encounters and many others, Ms. Williams’s self-realization of the importance of living in that NOW moment with her encounters became paramount. She came to understand the necessity of removing the body and hearing the Spirit so that listening without judgment can aid further in her journey of peace and happiness. Ms. Williams is often quoted as saying, “My biggest prayer every day is, God, please help me to stay in the NOW moment with all my encounters all day”.

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