DEADLY CONFLICT – Beginning of the End
DEADLY CONFLICT – Beginning of the End
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In retaliation against attack by Western Forces, the Iraqi Secret Service has devised a plan to devastate the West ‘The Beginning of the End.’

In a frantic race against time the West launches an operation to stop the death of thousands of innocent civilians.

What initially transpired to be a routine counter-terrorism surveillance operation in Iraq escalates dangerously for Will and Vanilla on the trail of their man, when prey turns hunter. Despite the Intelligence Services MI6, NSA and the CIA using technology and parapsychology so secret with devastating results, never revealed to the public, somehow the enemy is only one step behind them and gaining.

What also does not help is Will falling hopelessly in love with his colleague and opposite number working for the NSA, the beautiful, talented and very capable Vanilla. An unhelpful combination, when the two intelligence agents are pitting their wits against a dangerous enemy stopping at nothing to destroy them both.

A thrilling action packed, explosive, fast moving international espionage - adventure thriller. The first book in the Trilogy of ‘Deadly Conflict’ Espionage thrillers set in the aftermath of post War Iraq, dealing with the horrors of the backlash of Terrorism unleashed! More information about W.J.Hallan’s exciting novels is available on the website



Chapter 6 

Aspen, Colorado, USA.

Gilbert Van Heldensomer, Director of Intelligence Department 14a and his Deputy Director Darrel Johnson of the CIA, had been kept waiting almost three hours. The congenial and apologetic servant plied them with drinks and canapés, repeating consistently the mantra he must have used for so many years, "My Master the Marquis de Seclair, has regretfully been detained, on his behalf please accept his deepest apologies!"

Gilbert cast his mind back to the previous day trying to discern what the Marquis was after. The summons had been delivered by snail mail, the sort of antiquated letter he'd not had the pleasure of receiving in a long time. They'd travelled by CIA shuttle to Brussels, obtaining a hire car which they drove to the remote castle an hour’s drive away.

All operations were more or less going to plan, some delays perhaps but nothing to be overly concerned about. Once again he nervously glanced at his watch. Sometimes he regretted being involved in the murky dirty business he was in! But it was too late to turn the clock back. He'd bluffed his way out of many political problems in his time and was confident that today was going to be no exception.

The wooden footsteps of the servant sounded hollow on the fine ancient parquet flooring. "The Marquis will be pleased to see you now, Sir!" Gilbert felt like saying aloud, damn right about time too, as his deputy stood up also.

The servant gestured with his right hand whilst posturing, "The Marquis will see Monsieur Gilbert alone!" The instructions convoluted and rather strange were to go down the staircase and through the fifth door on the right. Under different circumstances Gilbert would have rebelled and declined, but the Marquis was not likely to be so accommodating.

The stairs were no ordinary stairs and reminded Gilbert of horror movies he had seen, dank, dark with faint bare electric bulbs spaced every twenty metres, meant carefully walking down the badly worn steep stone steps that seemed to stretch forever into the distance. No handrail exacerbated the feeling of helplessness beginning to affect his normally positive self. Finally after what seemed like far too long, he reached the door in semi darkness, opening the antiquated latch he peered into a room covered in pitch-black darkness. For several minutes he paused standing on the threshold, feeling almost certain doom.

Gradually his eyes became accustomed to the dim blackout, a faint glow became apparent deep within the doorway. As if to accentuate the dismal theatricality of the scenario, a deep booming voice beckoned him to enter, "Gilbert, come into my most humble abode, forgive me for keeping you waiting for so long, but do pray come enter in!"

Like a blind man deprived of his walking stick, Gilbert felt his way into the room, arms stretched out in front of him, he gingerly waved his hands to feel for any obstacles. After slowly groping his way along, Gilbert reached the faint glow, which was a light emanating from a candle within a heavily stained glass holder. Gilbert now accustomed to the dim light, saw at the far end of the room the Marquis sat in an armchair behind a bare wooden desk. The Marquis gestured Gilbert to sit down on the chair in front of the desk.

Gilbert couldn't stop wondering why the Marquis was spending his time in this dingy room deep inside his castle. As if reading his thoughts the Marquis answered him. "I'm an old man, my eyes cannot cope with bright light, please forgive me." The Marquis offered Gilbert a drink of wine, which he accepted.

W.J.Hallan was born in England in 1954, to Polish parents who settled in West Yorkshire - England, after the War.

His Father completed military service during the Second World War in the Polish Army commanded by General Anders, serving in Egypt and Italy. On the Battlefield of Monte Cassino in Italy, he was wounded and subsequently decorated with the Virtuti Militarii, the highest Polish military honour, equivalent to the Victoria Cross.

After a false start working for the Civil Service, W.J.Hallan left and studied Industrial Design Engineering, graduating in 1977. Then commenced a successful career in Product Design Engineering, designing television, audio, computer and military products as an in house designer for various companies.

Whilst working as Design Manager for a company in Leeds, redundancy encouraged him to go into business as a Design Consultant.

His writing career started by narrating bedtime stories to his two young daughters, captivated them night by night, even though he had no idea how and and in what direction the stories would develop, as there was no prior planning.

He has a passion for good food, books, art and design, motorcars, history and a keen interest in parapsychology related to human development.

W.J.Hallan resides with his partner in Lancashire - England, writing novels and working as a Product Design Engineer. 


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